Friday, October 13, 2017

Bottle Dimensions

Bottle Dimensions

In order to design and order custom made Gift boxes and Shipping boxes for the company, my management ask me to provide them with bottle dimensions. 

As always, I first browsed around the Internet via google and found countless amount of websites talking about bottle's volumes/sizes and their respective names (and their respective ratio of 750ml contained per volume) like within the following table, but rare were the ones really specifically detailing bottle dimensions. 

Bottle Sizes and Names Chart compiled by LeDomduVin 2017

In fact, quite few websites are showing you pictures of different bottles with or without dimensions, but not detailed enough, and other websites are too technical and do not necessarily offer a listing of the dimensions like in my table below (easy to see at one glance rather than to have to browse around various pictures or web pages).     

So as usual, unsatisfied by my search results, I decided to take the measurements of the bottles that I had on hand at the office and established the following easy to read "Bottle Dimensions" table. 

I decided to post it on my blog as I think it that, maybe, it could be useful for some of you too. 

You see, I always go by the principle that if I was looking for something and could not find it on the Internet, then at least one person in the world must have the same issue as me and might be interested to find the kind of table I did. So here it is. 

Bottles Dimensions

Wine Bottle Parts © LeDomduVin 2017

In my "Bottle Dimensions" table below, you will notice a few things:
  • The measurements are mostly "ranges" due to bottle dimensions variations, as I could not create a table for each unique specific bottle (which could prove impossible as there are so many shapes and forms and sizes of wine bottles). Therefore, the variations ranges apply to the most common bottles found in the market. So called "standard" bottles.  
  • There is no measurement for the "shoulder" as, (like for the human body 😉), it is difficult to really define where the "Neck" stop and where the "Shoulder" begin... it is a grey area, so I leave it up to you to decide and be the judge of that....
  • Consequently the measurements of the bottle "Body" are approximate and may vary depending on your own judgment, yet it is roughly measured from the bottom "Shoulder" to the bottom of the bottle.    

Bottle Dimensions and Sizes measured by LeDomduVin © 2017

NB: I will continue to measure some of the bottle size missing and update that table as soon as possible (work still in progress) 

I took a few pictures this afternoon while measuring the bottles at the office and in one of our cellars to show you the bottle's shapes and sizes differences .

750 ml Bottles of various shapes 

DRC Romanee Conti 750ml

Paul Jaboulet Hermitage 750ml

Petrus 1961 750ml & Magnum and Gruaud Larose 5 liters & 6 Liters

Guigal Ex-Voto 750ml & Chapoutier ermitage Le Pavillon 3 Liters

Yquem 375ml and 5 Liters

Voila... Hope it will maybe help some you. 


LeDomduVin a.k.a Dominique Noel



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  2. Thank you Rene for your comment.

    Glad you enjoyed reading this post.
    Hope it will be helpful.
    Not sure if "essay writing service" will give you such leads, but you never know...

    LeDomduVin a.k.a Dominique Noel