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As its name indicates it, this page will be dedicated to videos about LeDomduVin and the Wine World. As it is a static page and not a page where I can post them individually, I will update it regularly with new videos. The oldest ones will be at the bottom, the newest on top. So feel free to come back from time to time to check the latest ones.

LeDomduVin with James Suckling at the James Suckling Wine Central bar and restaurant in Hong Kong - November 8th, 2018 (Video courtesy of www.jamessuckling.com)

Did you say large formats? 
Just to give you a taste of some of the bottles I opened that night of September 14th, 2018 - By LeDomduVin  (there were a few more during the dinner...)

Mouton Rothschild 1978 (3L)
L'Evangile 1982 (3L)
Mouton Rothschild 1970 (3L)
Cos d'Estournel 2000 (3L)
Louis Roederer Cristal 1989 (3L)
Dom Perignon 1962 (1.5L)
Dom Perignon 1969 (1.5L)

Cos d'Estournel 2000 18 Liters Bottle opening by LeDomduVin - April 17th, 2018

LeDomduVin disfiguring wine labels   by LeDomduVin - December 14th, 2017

Did you say large format bottles of wines? by LeDomduVin - December 12th, 2017

A promising wine selection of 3 Liters bottles... by LeDomduVin - December 8th, 2017

The opening of a Case of Petrus 1998 by LeDomduvin - November 27th, 2017

With Matthieu Bordes, Director of Chateau Lagrange, tasting the 2014 vintage - by LeDomduVin - November 11th, 2017

Cos d'Estournel 2000 18 L opening  by LeDomduVin - May 28th, 2017

Large Format bottles...Big babies... Old Ladies...  by LeDomduVin - May 27th, 2017

Bordeaux Confidential - En Primeur 2016 Vintage Tasting Hong Kong by LeDomduVin - May 26th, 2017

Another night to remember with some great bottles by LeDomduVin - April 26th, 2016

Santé! Cheers!

Dominique Noel a.k.a. LeDomduVin

All videos ©LeDomduVin

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