Thursday, February 16, 2012

No Spitting allowed especially with good wine! (a new meaning for an unpopular sign...)

Between my job as a Head Sommelier and my little family with whom I like to spend most of my time, I haven't found the time to write much lately on my blog. However, I will soon take the time to write little post here and there. But for now, as I do periodically, I thought that it was time to change the picture in the header. The last one was an old painting "Buvez du Vin et Vivez Joyeux" a French ad from 1939 by Leonetto Cappiello [1875-1942]. I was looking for something different but still (and as always) that should be (or could be interpreted as) in relation with wine and/or drinking wine. Funnily, it struck me while visiting the toilet at the YMCA where my son takes Karate classes. I took the picture and instantly I thought it could be a humorous way to associate this part of Chinese culture and behavior and change its meaning by suggesting that in fact it could have also been designed for wine. I renamed this sign: "No spitting allowed especially with good wine!"(a new meaning for an unpopular sign...)


LeDom du Vin