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I Get Lifted - The retrieved lyrics

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Underground Network Mix - Vynil label)
Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Underground Network Mix - Vynil label)

I Get Lifted - The retrieved lyrics

As you may have realized by now, LeDomduVin is not only about wine, it is also about life in general and the various things that make it worth living. One of this thing is music. What else? 

Yes, music is everywhere in our life. And most of us could not even live without. I know I can't. I need music every second of my life. In fact, we are constantly listening to music.  

At home, on TV, radio, computer, laptop, smartphone and other music portable devices. At work, in the lobby, in the lift, even sometimes as background music. In some public transports and at their stations. Etc...and so many other places. 

At the cinema, restaurants, brasseries, bars, cafes and more importantly in lounges, clubs and discotheques where music is the most essential feature of these places, directly influencing the mood, comportments and behaviours of the customers and patrons.  

Yes, music is everywhere, even in nature, you just have to be silent and listen, or learn how to listen, as most of the people living in the big cities have totally lost that connection with nature and the pleasure to stop everything and do nothing for a minute just to listen to nature's sounds: the birds, the insects, the animals in general, the wind in the leaves and the trees, the flowing water of the river, the rain, and so many other natural things making music, only if the human ears were to realize it.  

And during this time of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, music has become an even more essential part of our life. Stuck at home with nothing do for most of us, music is now a source of energy we are seeking to put us in the right mood to go through the day. Music is a beacon which conveys emotions, sensations, feelings and has the power to decide over our mood, comportments and behaviours. 

I mean you get the picture, better to hear a good song right when you wake up to start on the right foot and set up the mood for the day.  

Five years ago, Stephane Bey, a friend who happens to be a Chef, and I were discussing music, while drinking beers in a cosy bar, in a street perpendicular to Hollywood Road, near Central Hong Kong. It was a good discussion where all the classics of all the music genres and styles that spawned and evolved since the 1950s until now, were evoked.          

We talked about Blues and Jazz, and the birth of Rock'n'Roll in the 1950s, followed by the explosion of the various styles and genres of the 60s like the swing, the yeah-yeah and folk-indie-hippie amongst others like Motown, as well as the groove and soul as the foundation of what will become the R&B. 

Followed by the affirmation of rock in the 70s, leading to the beginning of Punk and Heavy Metals, as well as the premise of Electric and House Music, as well as being at the same time the Funky-disco era. The 70s spawned some of the best groove-soul-funk-disco tunes (all combined together or each in their respective ways) that are still considered as classics to this day.  

Then we moved on to the 1980s, which was surely the decade with the most revelations to date, accentuated by the creation of MTV (music television) in 1981. A channel created to solely show music videos, marking the beginning of video clips specifically made to showcase the bands and their music or anything else they wanted to show or express via this new medium to attract a public always eager to watch them. Pop-Rock was born.  

Additionally, the 80s saw sub-genres like heavy metal, hard rock, and glam metal became extremely popular. Hip-Hop also appeared during this decade, evolving into sub-genres like Breakdance, Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Lo-Fi by the end of the decade. Subgenres which became very popular through the early to mid-90s, competing with more commercial pop-rock on one side and the explosion of electronic music genres on the other side. 

Electronic genres like Techno, Acid, Trance and Ambient of the late 80s to the early to mid-90s, could be heard everywhere in clubs and discotheques and where often associated with the various drugs circulating back in the days (LSD, Mushrooms, ACID, and a few more, taken atop of the already widespread and heavily used marijuana, inhalants, methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin, etc...). While Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Lo-Fi and other styles like Chillout, Nu-jazz, etc... became a thing. 

The 90s saw the birth of Grunge, somewhere between post-punk, depressing rock and Hard Rock, without conveying the same message. Pop-Rock and Pop were competing to take the lead, while Boys and Girls bands were appearing every month and R&B was becoming more popular too.  Hip-Hop and Breakdance evolved into more engaged and violent Rap styles.  

The 2000s were a medley of all the above, mixing genres and styles... and as for the 2010s, if you are reading this post, you are surely old enough to know what happened in this last decades.  

All these were compacted into a discussion of a few hours while talking with Stephane (and 1 or 2 more friends, I don't exactly remember) and drinking beers and enjoying the moment of the various styles and genres of music played in the bar that night. 

Ur-fonotec Facebook music page banner
Ur-fonotec Facebook music page banner

That night, we discovered our mutual love for music in general and the pleasure to share our experiences and various tastes in music, which led up to Stephane creating a page on Facebook a few days later, solely dedicated to music and called "Ur-fonotec", a private group page accessible by invitation only, where we immediately started to share all sort of music from our favourite repertoires. 

At first, the music posted only came from the two of us, but after a few days, we both started to invite some of our FB friends to share the experience with us and open the page to all music styles and genres. As at the end of the day, that's what music is all about: sharing the experience and the emotions by living the moments, sometimes alone, but mostly with others.    

And sharing music on Ur-fonotec is what led me to write this post today. You see, I love House Music and often share some on Ur-fonotec, amongst a lot of other styles and genres, as in fact, I really listen to anything and everything, more especially if I get lifted by the music. Meaning that, for me, and although I can also listen to very depressing tunes that I love, music, in general, has to be a positive experience. 

When I listen to music I mostly want to be lifted, uplifted, motivated, inspired, empowered, challenged, spirited. I want to move my feet, my body. I want to express myself physically, even dance (even if I don't know how to). I want to sing along and express myself verbally, spread the good Word all around. I want to be somebody. I want to help others. I want to share my experience with others. I want to live life fully. And even if I don't know how to sing or even play an instrument, Music has always been, for me, an expression of the body, mind, spirit and soul. 

I usually find these emotions and feelings while listening to all sort of music, it just depends on the moments and the mood I'm in at that particular moment, like for most people. However, I usually find peace of mind and joy while listening to Jazz, Rock, Funk, Disco, Groove and Soul, but I also have a penchant for electronic music like EDM and more specifically House music, and especially House music with strong, soulful, gospel-like voices. 

House music with strong, soulful, female gospel voices, like the one of Barbara Tucker, for example, generally delivers a positive message of peace, love and reunification that feels good and that even invites you to sing along ... It usually is a very positive message. Like in Sunday mass gospel church choir where everyone is singing and rejoicing. I love it, it's very positive and, actually, it feels good ... moreover, I love the energy that emerges from it. 😊  

Some house music songs really encourage people, especially those going through difficult times, like the confinement due to the COVID-19 most of us have to deal with these days, for example.     

One of the members of Ur-fonotec (Clo Drine), posted the following song, "So What If It Is" by "The Foreign Exchange", which is a great House song with a really feel-good, hopeful and very uplifting message if you pay attention to the lyrics. 

Here is the link for the video on Youtube (or you can watch it below, but actually, there is no video, just an image, but you can listen to it while doing something else, and put the volume up)

Here are the lyrics if you are interested to sing along this very uplifting and hopeful house music song
by The Foreign Exchange - So what if it is

Everybody's got a song and dance about 
What it means the struggle is to go about 
No one thinks that there are other problems this is true 
It's true People running scared amongst these changed times 

Recession, depression, unemployed and blind 
Everybody needs a mental healing, yes they do 
They do 

Now's the time to raise your voice and lift your hand 
Show your love to every woman, every man 
Nobody believes things will get better 

But I do, I do 
Don't you worry about the pain infest today just 
Remember to live 
Don't be afraid, it's not the end of the world 

So, so, so what if it is 
So what if it is, so what if it is, 
So what if it is, so what if it is, 

Everybody's searching try to find a way 
Reaching through the darkness for a brighter day 
Looking for the sunshine, in the sky to smile so blue, so blue 

Now's the time to raise your voice and lift your hands 
Show your love to every woman every man 
Nobody believes things will get better 

But I do, I do 
Don't you worry about the pain infest today just 
Remember to live 
Don't be afraid, it's not the end of the world 

So, so, so what if it is 
So what if it is, so what if it is, 
So what if it is, so what if it is, 

People running scared amongst these changed times 
Recession, depression, unemployed and blind 
Everybody needs a mental healing, yes they do, 
They do 

Now's the time to raise your voice and lift your hand 
Show your love to every woman, every man 
Nobody believes things will get better 
But I do, I do 

Don't you worry about the pain infest today just 
Remember to live 
Don't be afraid, it's not the end of the world 
So, so, so what if it is 

So what if it is, so what if it is, 
So what if it is, so what if it is. 

Source: Musixmatch 
Songwriters: Coleman Phonte Lyshod / Rook Matthijs 
So What If It Is lyrics © Daddy's New Bowtie, Nicolay Music

So, after listening to that great house tune, I commented that It was a "nice house tune" and that I love house music (for the reasons already cited above). And that there is a tune I love by Barbara Tucker. And that's where "Get Lifted!" came up.

So, I put the link of the song in the comment for her to listen to it ( (no video on this one again, just a picture). 

Like the song from The Foreign Exchange above, Barbara Tucker "I get lifted" is a very positive song with uplifting lyrics. And I wanted to put the lyrics of that song as a comment for Clo to read them and eventually sing along if she wanted to.  

However, and that's what triggered me to write this post in the first place, it is impossible to find the lyrics of  Barbara Tucker "I get lifted" anywhere on the internet!!! What's up with that? How come? 

I mean, if you do a google search for "Barbara Tucker I get lifted lyrics", you will find some lyrics co-written by Barbara Tucker and Little Louie Vega and surely end up here to realise that these lyrics have nothing to do with the lyrics you are hearing in the song (in the video above).

Puzzled, I searched and searched again, via different ways, listening to various mixes and versions, and, again, realized that the lyrics they stated in relation with that song have nothing do to it.  

Consequently, as I love this song, "Barbara Tucker - I get lifted", and as I really wanted to find these lyrics to share them with you on Ur-fonotec and other social media, I decided to carefully listen to the song and retrieve the original lyrics for you. 

So, for you Clo and all the people of the world, and without further due, here are the lyrics of this very inspirational, classic house music song that I love by Barbara Tucker - "I get lifted" 

I get lifted, I get lifted

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
When the music is on my mind

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
Leaving all my things behind

When the world is going through changes
And there is nothing left to embrace
Open your mind to understanding
And maybe we can find a trace

(back vocals: maybe we can find a trace)  

A trace of peace, tranquillity 
Through the music gathered everywhere 

(back vocals: Everybody)

Everybody let's get together 
Show peace, show joy, show love

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
When the music is on my mind

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
Leaving all my things behind

No one said that life would be easy
There's gonna be some rain sometimes

(back vocals: but do it together)

The rain won't be for so long
Come take my hand we've got to be strong

(back vocals: you got to believe) 

The magic in the music
Let the rhythm take you there

(back vocals: let the rhythm take you there)

Check up your moods
And leave them right at the door
Common, believe
And you'd be lifted

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
When the music is on my mind

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
Leaving of my things behind

I get lifted, I get lifted
I can the music playing in my mind
In my mind

I get a little lifted
I get a little lifted 

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

(many repeats)

I get lifted
I get lifted
I get lifted

Round, and round, and round
(back vocals: round, and round, and round)
Everything is going around
(back vocals: everything is going around)

I feel peace, 
Oh, in my solitude
I've changed my way unlike my attitude

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
When the music is on my mind

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
Leave all my things behind

Oh, I want to .... (missing part)

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
When the music is on my mind

I get lifted, I get lifted
I get lifted every time
Leaving all my things behind

I get lifted
I get lifted

Lifted, lifted

I can hear the music
I can hear the music in my mind
In my mind
Oh yeah

No more worries and no more pain, no
I've got the music 
I've got to sing, yeah

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

Leave your problem behind

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

Leave your problem behind

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

Common, you get lifted, lifted
Lifted, lifted, lililililifted 
Lifted, lifted, lifted, lifted

I get lifted
Oh, yeah, Oh yeah

I get lifted
I'm lifted 


I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

I get lifted, Oh
I get lifted, Yes

(many repeats)


Now you have them, these are the original lyrics of that great song "I get lifted" by Barbara Tucker, and as you can see they have nothing to do with what you can find online. Not sure why...  

I even listened to the following video (a different version of the one above) many times too (where the voice seems clearer and more audible) to make sure.  

"I Get Lifted" is 1994 song, sang and recorded by the American singer Barbara Tucker, who co-wrote the single with Little Louie Vega, who produced the track. more info on Wikipedia here


Label(s): Strictly Rhythm Records (US), Positiva Records (UK), Quality Records (Canada), EMI Records (Australia), ZYX Records (Germany) 
Songwriter(s) Barbara Tucker, Harold Edward Matthews, Ron Carroll and Louie Vega 
Producer(s) "Little" Louie Vega

And if you really like House Music with strong, soulful, gospel, female voices, (like me), you should check out the following two songs. Lots of energy in these two songs. Great voices. Pure extended mix of House Music bliss for your ears. These are two of my favorite House songs ever. 

Clivilles and Cole - A deeper Love (Deeper Feeling Mix) 

Masters At Work feat. India - To Be In Love (Original MAW Mix)

And as a bonus track here is another one of my favorite songs from of one my favorite female with a strong soulful voice: Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives

Here is the regular version

But because this post is mainly about House Music, here is the Classic Club Mix version of Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives

I just love all these songs above. in their own respective way, they all have great energy and high spirit, which is what drives me into music. Positive vibes and the irresistible need to move your body and express yourself. 

Thank you for reading this post, and stay tuned for other posts coming soon. 

Cheers! Sante! 

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel) 

PS: as a French-American, my ears may have misled me to understand certain words while Barbara Tucker was maybe singing different ones, so by all means, leave me a message in the comment below if you find any mistakes, and I will correct them into the post (especially the missing part, just a few words I could not ear properly). 



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Happy Valentine's Day


To all the lonely souls tonight...

Alone tonight ??? Have a big glass of wine... Happy Valentine's Day meme by ©LeDomduVin 2020
Happy Valentine's Day meme by ©LeDomduVin 2020


Just a little meme I did earlier today for all the lonely souls who will be alone tonight for Valentine's day. My thoughts go to you all, as, like you, I will not celebrate Valentine's day this year again. 

Fortunately, my kids are at home with me tonight, so I won't feel alone. Hope for you too, that if you do not have a lover, you will have at least somebody else to share it with, even if you don't do anything special for the occasion.     

In my opinion, Valentine's day is a day to celebrate all sorts of love: 
  • Love from your partner (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend)
  • Love from your family (always there to support you in their own ways)
  • Love from your friends (always there with you good times /bad times)
  • Love from your pets (sometimes who needs a partner, family or friends, when your BFF is your pet)
  • Love from someone you just met today and you not sure how the story will unfold or if it will even last more than dinner (or more than a one night stand...)
  • Love from your neighbour who secretly has had a crush on you since you first bump into each other but will never admit it
  • Love to eat pizza and drink wine or beer while watching your favourite TV series marathon on Netflix
  • etc, etc.... 
So, you see, at the end of the day, you're not alone! And if you feel that you are and can't stand the fact of being alone in your apartment or house tonight, go out! Try to meet some people and have fun. 

Give a phone call to your family or some friends (some are probably alone like you tonight and might want to go and have a bite and/or a drink). See what they are up to and if they want to hang out. 

If everyone is taken or not inviting you or you do not feel like doing anything with other people, try not to stay home still, it will be depressing and you know it. 

So, go to see a movie for example. Or even better, go to a bar where they play music, it could be fun and you never know you might meet some people you like. The other solution could be to go to a stand-up comedy show, they are rarely sold out so you can easily buy last-minute ticket on-site, and at least you will have a laugh (if the comedian is funny that is, but still, at least you won't be alone...).  

There are surely plenty of other things that you can do to not stay alone at home tonight. 

In any case, whatever you decide to do, Happy Valentine's Day to you! At least one person would have wished it to you today! 😁    

Santé! Cheers! 

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel)

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Happy Chinese New Year 2020  by ©LeDomduVin 2020  Remy from Ratatouille courtesy of Disney-Pixar
Happy Chinese New Year 2020
by ©LeDomduVin 2020
Remy from Ratatouille courtesy of Disney-Pixar 

Cheers! Santé! And best wishes for the year 2020 to all of you and your family and friends. 

LeDomduVin a.k.a. Dominique Noël

Happy New Year, Chinese New Year, Happy Chinese New Year, @ledomduvin ©ledomduvin2020 #happynewyear #newlunaryear #chinesenewyear #bestwishes #ledomduvin #lesdessinsadom #lesillustrationsadom #lescreationsadom

Tuesday, January 14, 2020



No 85 Feedspot Top 100 Wine Blogs Websites & Influencers in 2020  by ©LeDomduVin 2020
No 85 Feedspot Top 100 Wine Blogs Websites & Influencers in 2020
by ©LeDomduVin 2020

WOW!!! I'm speechless... 

A few minutes ago, I was just googling the name of my blog "LeDomduVin" as I do occasionally from time to time (as every other blogger does 😊) to check the various links to websites and articles citing or containing my blog's name. 

So, I scrolled down the first page, and pretty much all the links were mine (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wix, etc...). Then, logically, I went to the 2nd page, and to my surprise the first link was  

I was not expecting much of it and I even thought that it was a mistake. I mean, I remember joining and submitting my blog to "Feedspot" once, about a years ago, to promote my blog, but I did not go back to visit it for a while. And I did not think they will have kept my blog's name in their database. I thought that it was one of these websites were you have to submit your blog's name every year to be a participant and eventually enter the list (maybe I didn't the fine print properly). 

So, intrigued and curious to see if my blog's name was contained in that website, I clicked on the link. 

And the first thing I saw was that

Feedspot Top 100 Wine Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020  (screenshot courtesy of )
Feedspot Top 100 Wine Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020
(screenshot courtesy of )

Well... What !?! Top 100 Wine Blogs, Websites and Influencers in 2020... 

Could the name of my blog be on that list? 

I immediately scrolled down towards the bottom of the list, slowly to check all the names of the blogs and websites, and not to miss mine, if it was there. Scroll, scroll, scroll... scroll more.. the end was near but I wanted to be sure. 

Then suddenly, my heart stopped. Here it was at number 85. My blog "LeDomduVin" was at number 85. I was so happy (still I'm now as I'm writing this post 😊), I couldn't believe it. Not sure how I  manage to make it to the Top 100, but who cares. I'm IN !!!!  And that's really satisfying, trust me!

LeDomduVin No 85 of Feedspot  Top 100 Wine Blogs Websites & Influencers in 2020
LeDomduVin No 85 of Feedspot
Top 100 Wine Blogs Websites & Influencers in 2020
(screenshot courtesy of )

It's exciting as back in April 2019, I discovered that I also made the "Feedspot Top 100 list Wine Blogs, Websites and Influencers", but back then I was number 92 (read the post here). And this year, I'm number 85. And that's GREAT!!!

It may not mean much to you, or for the big bloggers out there, who have already certain notoriety and public recognition and thousands of followers. But, it is a big deal for me, as I'm just a small independent wine blogger, who only writes about 20-25 posts per year (in average), which is far from some bloggers I know who write about 5-6 posts a week (or even more). 

I don't write much as I don't have the time or do not necessarily make the time to do so. Moreover, my posts are usually very, very, very long, full of details and apartés, (and usually take time to write), which for most people is too boring and too lengthy to read even one post until the end. And I received lots of criticisms for it. But I don't care, this is my way of writing and I like it that way (hoping you do too). 

I love sharing my knowledge and telling stories about wines. This is the reason why I created this blog in the first place, to be able to share with you about all sort of things related to wine and life in general.  

And obviously, some of you probably enjoyed reading some of my posts, otherwise, I will have never made that list, and for that, I would like to give all of you a BIG HUG and a HUGE THANK YOU. 

Being on that list means a lot to me. It makes me feel proud and motivates me to continue writing even more. So THANK YOU again.  This is AMAZING!

And if "LeDomduVin" made it to that list, it is because of YOU, not me, YOU !!!

YOU, all the readers and followers, so THANK YOU / MERCI. You made me a very happy wine blogger. 

As the list is regularly updated, I'm not sure how long I will remain at number 85, but for today I am number 85 (😊). 

Take good care of yourself, and stay tuned for more posts this year. 

Cheers! Santé!

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel) 

NB: I love writing so much in both French and English and telling stories about everyday life situations too, that I created a second blog called "Really!?! The Adventures of the courteous stickman" where I write about people behaviours and their lack of courtesy and politeness in big cities, illustrated with stickman put into various situations. If interested go check it out at


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When is "too much" too much?

When is "too much" too much? 

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020
©LeDomduVin 2020

Like every year, we received countless amount of "Happy New Year" cards from the Chateaux in Bordeaux. It is a nice gesture and it is much appreciated... 

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (2) ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (2)
©LeDomduVin 2020

Look how beautiful this card from Domaine Clarence Dillon signed by Prince Robert of Luxembourg is, isn't it ?... 

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (3) ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (3)
©LeDomduVin 2020

And after opening the envelope, the card itself comes into, not 1, not 2, but 3 more folders. Isn't it nice? Or a bit too much (should I say)? And I can't even imagine how high their marketing budget must be.?... 

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (4) ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (4)
©LeDomduVin 2020

However, as nice and beautiful as it is, it is also discouraging and sad.

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (5) ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (5)
©LeDomduVin 2020

Discouraging because, in an age where we are asking people to pay more attention to the environment, their carbon footprint, to recycle, to consume less to reduce their waste, prestigious Chateaux should be leading the way and showing the right example. But that is not the case unfortunately. . . 

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (6) ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (6)
©LeDomduVin 2020

And sad because in an age where climate change is induced by pollution and deforestation (among other things), I can't help thinking about the trees and nature, when I have to unfold so many folders to read a "Best Wishes" card that will end up in the trash bin few minutes or a few days later. . .

Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (7) ©LeDomduVin 2020
Domaine Clarence Dillon Happy New Year Card 2020 (7)
©LeDomduVin 2020

Don't get me wrong, I love the wines from Domaine Clarence Dillon (Haut-Brion more especially being my favourite wine in the world), and I have the utmost respect for Prince Robert of Luxembourg, but still, I'm asking you the question again (even for luxury goods):

When is "too much" too much ?...

In my opinion, this type of elaborated "Happy New Year" cards are terribly bad for the environment, as for example, this particular card comes into 1 envelope + 3 folders inside before you can get to it. It is a lot of waste for a card that will last only a few minutes before being trashed in the bin (as I was saying above).

And it is true, the intention and the gesture are nice and very much appreciated.

However, it is still bad for the trees, and it generates more useless trash and frankly travelled all the way through from France to Hong Kong to arrive on my desk for basically nothing.

I can even risk myself saying that this is the kind of things that has to stop if we want to save our little planet.

Of course, we can also take the problem on a different angle by saying that if we stop the Christmas card then the graphic designer, the printer, the postman, and the people on the chip or the plane may have less work or even end up losing their jobs.... but, at some point, we are going to have to make a choice... (sigh)

What should we save? The Christmas and New Year cards or our planet?

I let you meditate on that...

Santé! Cheers!

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel)

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Trump 100% Tariffs on French Wines

Trump 100% Tariffs on French Wines

Trump 100% Tariffs on French Wines by ©LeDomduVin 2020
Trump 100% Tariffs on French Wines by ©LeDomduVin 2020

As if the 25% Tax on European products was not enough (effective since October 18th, 2019),  late December 2019, the Trump administration threatened to impose a tariff up to 100% on French products (including handbags, clothing, wine, cheese and other products) after France passed a tax on digital services in July 2019. On Monday, January 6, 2020, France warned that it would retaliate if the US followed through with the proposal to slap tariffs on $2.4 billion worth of its products.

Such high tariff would be devastating on both sides of the Atlantic, at both ends of the process from the producers in France to the consumers in the US and everyone in between (importers, wholesalers, brokers, distributors, agents, promoters, retailers, restaurants, bistros, bars, hotels, etc, etc… and consequently would be catastrophic for both Americans and foreigners working in the wine and beverage industry overall in the US.  

So I wrote this post and made this illustration to express my discontent and the fact that I'm opposed to such high tariff on French products.  You will note how I intentionally wrote: "loosers" with 2 "o" and not only 1. The urban dictionary says that "loosers" are losers who can't spell losers, which seems appropriate for a guy like Trump. 

Regarding the 100% Tariff on French wines 

The tariff on French wines will do more bad than good on both sides of the Atlantic, but more especially on the American side. Thousands of people will be affected and a lot of them will lose their jobs. 

The tariff will affect all people at both ends: the producers, winemakers, growers, Negociants, agents, but also, importers, wholesalers, brokers, distributors, retailers, promoters, restaurants, bars, bistros, hotels, etc, etc... and even the consumers. 

The U.S. is the largest consumer of French wines and spirits, importing $3.5 billion worth of bottles in 2018, up 4.6 percent from the previous year, according to the Federation of French Wines and Spirit Exporters. 

The U.S. is also the 5th largest customer of French Wines based on sales volumes. 

No Wine Tariffs Sign
No Wine Tariffs Sign

Therefore, it is wrong and would be a mistake to think that imposing a 100% Tariff on French wines would do any good to the US economy and all the people working in the wine industry in the US. 

And consequently, I think I that it would be wise to reconsider applying this tariff. 

The 25% tax effective on October 18th 2019, already deeply affected the wine market and the wine industry, a 100% tariff will kill it. 

There are two things you can do if you too are against the 100% Tariffs on French Wines. 

1. You can leave a comment on the government official websites, it is very important and the sooner the better, as the tariffs might be effective as of mid-February 2020 (click the following link) 

2. You can also join a Facebook group like "Organizing Wine Tariff Response" or others, and voice out your disagreement about the tariffs on French wines (French products in general). 

Thank you for your understanding and help on the matter. 

LeDomduVin (a French-American Sommelier) 

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Yquem Collection - Revisiting some old vintages

Yquem Collection

Revisiting some old vintages 

Chateau d'Yquem 1825 and 1826 labels ©LeDomduVin 2019
Chateau d'Yquem 1825 and 1826 labels ©LeDomduVin 2019

A bit more than two years ago, back in August 2017, I wrote a post about the company's "Yquem Collection" (*), proudly displayed at the time in the display cellar of "Le Pan Apicius" the French restaurant of the company work for, located at the ground floor of the company headquarters building in Kowloon Bay. (If interested read the post here)  

In this previous post, I was introducing to you to this quite unique "Yquem Collection" encompassing a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem 1825 and a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem 1856, as well as, at least, 1 or 2 bottles of each vintage produced at Chateau d'Yquem from 1856 to 2007, roughly a bit more than 140 different vintages displayed in that cellar at Le Pan Apicius. 

If interested to see some nice shots I took of some of these bottles, go back to the post (here), I must admit, some of the pictures are really good (I'm proud of myself for that 😁)

However, due to their fragility and their eventual degradation under the bright lights and natural light of the display cellar, I decided, a few months after putting them there, to remove all the vintages prior 1960 from the display cellar, and put these bottles back into a proper cellar with appropriate level of humidity (70-75%) and constant temperatures (12-13°C), and especially less light and fewer disturbances for these old ladies to be able to, once again, rest in peace in a quiet and peaceful environment in the dark.  


* To be continued and finished soon *

Santé! Cheers!

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noël)

(*) by "the company" I mean "the company I work for", but to keep it short, I refer it as "the company"

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THIS JANUARY... KEEP IT DRY!!! by ©LeDomduVin 2019
THIS JANUARY... KEEP IT DRY!!! by ©LeDomduVin 2019

Unless you are hibernating in a cave somewhere in a remote place with no internet, no radio and no TV, you have surely heard about the "DRY JANUARY". 

But, what is "DRY JANUARY"? 

As per Wikipedia: "Dry January. ... The term "Dry January" was registered as a trademark by the charity Alcohol Concern in mid-2014; the first-ever Dry January campaign by Alcohol Concern occurred in January 2013. In the leadup to the January 2015 campaign, for the first time, Alcohol Concern partnered with Public Health England." - Wikipedia

England Dry January by ©LeDomduVin 2019
England Dry January by ©LeDomduVin 2019

So, basically, it is understood that DRY JANUARY was created in England (in 2013) to encourage people (Britons mostly) to stop drinking for a whole month, to counter the "excessive" drinking habits of many, to dimish or prevent people from drinking too much (in general), and, to a certain extent, probably sober up after the end of the year holidays too, which usually end up becoming 2 full weeks of food and alcohol binging.

Coca-Cola French ad #survivingjanuary
Coca-Cola French ad #survivingjanuary

The Brits have the reputation of being heavy beer drinkers, as well as spirits and cocktail drinkers, and, thus it is no wonder why such " NO ALCOHOL for a month" campaign would be initiated there. However, it would have been a good thing, if this idea would have stayed within the boundaries of the Brexiting Kingdom. But, NO! It crossed the Channel to contaminate the mind of its European neighbours (France in particular) and give ideas to some American companies (already ruling the soda world) on how to capitalize on it (see the Coca-Cola french ad above #survivingjanuary).         

THIS JANUARY... KEEP IT DRY!!! by ©LeDomduVin 2019
THIS JANUARY... KEEP IT DRY!!! by ©LeDomduVin 2019

So, for those of you who probably won't be able to do the DRY JANUARY and/or to resist to the temptation of drinking any alcohol for 1 month, I came up with a selection of beverages for you to keep this January DRY!!! 😉 

  • Dry Beer
  • Dry Vermouth
  • Triple Sec (meaning 3 x dry)
  • Whiskey & Dry
  • London Gin Dry
  • Dry Martini
  • Dry Sherry
  • Muscadet (super dry white wine - France)
  • Albariño (dry white wine - Spain)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (dry white wine - New Zealand or elsewhere as you prefer)
  • Grüner Veltliner (dry white wine from Austria)  

Of course, this list is non-exhaustive and other beverage (beers, sparklings, wines and spirits) could have been added, but this was just an example to show you what are your alternatives to keep this January DRY. 

Enjoy the whole rest of the month of January without drinking a drop of alcohol, if you can and if it is what you want. 

Personally, as a Sommelier and a Wine Lover, and as someone who made a career out of buying, selling, promoting, tasting and drinking wines (and spirits, and alcohol in general) for the last 28 years, I won't be able to do so, and I feel no shame about it.  

Life is too short! And if done with moderation, as Marie Lloyd used to sing it: a little (bit) of what you fancy does you good!     

Cheers! Santé!

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel)

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy Wine Year 2020

Happy Wine Year 2020

In French, the number 20 (twentry) sounds like "vin", meaning "wine", so the French pronunciation of 2020 (twenty twenty) in French is "wine wine", so 


Let it be a good excuse to open more wine tonight and in the new year. 

Best wishes and all the best for the new year, 

Health, Happiness, Joy, and Success in all your projects! 

Here is a meme I did for you all!

Happy Wine Year 2020 ©ledomduvin 2019

Santé! Cheers!

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel)

Friday, December 27, 2019

Potentially Fake Petrus 1961

Potentially Fake Petrus 1961

Petrus 1961 - Close up on labels ©LeDomduVin 2019
Petrus 1961 - Close up on labels ©LeDomduVin 2019

A few days ago, with my colleague, we cleaned up the wine cellar from all the empty bottles consumed within the company, over the last few weeks (as we do on a monthly basis). 

And, as usual, I put some empty bottles of the oldest vintages and most expensive wines aside, for 3 main reasons: 
  • First, because, even if empty, these old ladies deserve a second life as a trophy on a shelf in an office or in a cellar (or anywhere else), as, after all, they are pieces of history that have resisted the passage of time when they were corked, and will continue even without their content. 
  • Secondly, because there is always a sense of pride for a Sommelier (like me) to keep old vintages of top-tears bottles around, more especially when I have had the pleasure to open, prepare, taste, decant (if necessary) and serve them (even drunk a part of them in some occasions), for memory's sake.    
  • Thirdly, and more importantly, as it is very useful to keep them as they can contribute to constituting a library of references for genuine bottles, as well as for fake or counterfeit bottles. 
In fact, they can come very handy, for a Wine Quality Control Director (like me), when in doubt while doing an inspection or authentication of some bottles prior to purchase them or to receive them at the warehouse, to compare them and check/verify the authenticity of the bottles, labels, capsules, corks, etc...     

And while putting these empty bottles aside, I noticed two magnums of Petrus 1961 (in the picture above), and I had a sudden doubt about the authenticity of these 2 mags, more especially the magnum on the left-hand side on the picture. It presented too many obvious faults and defaults to my liking to be genuine (in my opinion). 

Which prompted me to make a video about it (and logically this post afterwards) to try to explain the reasons why I believe it is not a genuine magnum of Petrus 1961, by comparing it to other bottles of Petrus 1961 I also kept in the cellar for that purpose.   

Here is the video and the link (if interested) 

Did you like the video? 

I tried to keep simple and clear, but for those of you who did not get everything and may not want to watch it again to grasp some the points they still have questions about, I will recap the main points discussed in the video further below in this post.  

However, prior to going into the details and reasons why I believe this is a fake magnum of Petrus 1961, let me tell you a little more about what I do and what are my roles and duties as a Wine Quality Control Director. A position that I have been occupying for the past 8 years now. 

What is a Wine Quality Control Director (QC)? 

To make it short, let's say that at my current job, as a Wine Quality Control Director (for the Wine Division of a large corporate company), I'm in charge of the followings:
  • Quality Control, 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (implementation and maintenance), 
  • Market Prices Analyses, 
  • Market Trend, 
  • Stock Valuation, 
  • Provenance, 
  • Authentication, 
  • Wine inspection prior to purchasing and at goods receiving, 
  • Supervising containers unloading, 
  • Stock accuracy: inventory, stocktaking, cycle-counting
  • Wine warehouses and cellars QC operations (conditions, environments control and security), 
  • Prevention, 
  • Staff training, 
  • ERP System, 
  • Quality Management System, 
  • Compliance, 
  • Audits, 
  • etc...
(And even: Wine Classes, Wine Events and Wine Promotion, as well as French tutoring, French Classes among other things).

I know, it seems like a lot, but once managed as a daily routine, it is not that bad. 

Standard Operating Procedures

So, parts of my duties consist to create and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) within the various departments related to the wine division (Purchase and Sales, Cellars and Logistics, and Quality Control, etc...), in order to clearly define, step by step, the official or usual way that people are expected to do particular things within the respective departments of the wine division (or, to some extent, even within the company or organization). 

Once created and implemented, and adjusted/amended/corrected if necessary, depending on the evolution of the business model as well as the evolution and changes of the department's daily operations, I need to make sure that they are compliant. Meaning that they are conforming to the rules (such as specification, policy, standard or even law). 

Within the wine division, these procedures are put in place to manage and control both the people and  the goods, as well as the environments, conditions and security, and clearly describe: 
  • How daily operations are conducted and done, and by who?  
    • who does what, when and how (and even why)
  • How things are to be done (and in which order) to prevent from 
    • a mistake, accident, incident to happen
    • security to be breached 
    • and/or even theft to occur 
  • And what needs to be done and how if any of the above occurs

These SOPs are created and implemented for all the following respective daily main operations at the office(s) and at the various points of storage (warehouses/cellars):
  • Purchase Order / Wine Receiving 
  • Wine Inspection / Authentication
  • Wine Receipt in ERP System
  • Put Away
  • Wine Transfer
  • Sales Order
  • Wine Withdrawal
  • Wine Delivery  
  • Wine Pickup
  • Others (too many to list them all)

Once the daily operations system and related SOPs are done and implemented, and the staff has been trained, I can move on to focus on the product itself: the wine.

Wine Provenance, Inspection and Authentication

My role as Wine QC Director consists predominantly in

  • verifying and/or counterchecking 
    • the reliability and integrity of the wine merchants we are buying from
    • the origin, provenance, conditions of the wines (historic of the bottles, previous storage conditions, etc...)
    • the cost prices compared to the market 
  • doing the bottle's inspection and authentication (if needed) prior to buying the bottles, if possible, otherwise at good receiving in order to prevent fake or counterfeit bottles of wine to enter our warehouses and cellars. 

For example, when our Purchasing manager wants to purchase wines, a specific SOP is telling us that the following main steps (SOP are generally more detailed, this just an example) have to be done prior to being able to purchase the wine: 

Wine Purchase Simplified Process ©LeDomduVin 2019
Wine Purchase Simplified Process ©LeDomduVin 2019

A. Wine Purchasing
  • The Purchasing Manager (PM) 
    • receives an offer or receives a specific request from a client (or from the boss) 
    • sources the wine from Négociants or trusted/reliable wine merchants, 
    • negotiates a reasonable price to generate a minimum of profit based on the current market price and availability
    • asks for a quotation

  • The Wine Quality Control Director (QC) (based on the quotation)
    • verifies the reliability and integrity of the negociant or wine merchant: 
      • reliable? trustable? 
      • did we work with them in past? 
      • how is our relationship with them?
      • are they in possession of the stocks or not?
      • if not, where are the stocks? and what are the current conditions of storage?
      • are they buying the wines directly at the property? or via a negociant or official agent? or via a third party?  
      • are they able to guarantee the conditions and provenance of the wine?
    • verifies the integrity of the source: 
      • honest about the conditions and provenance of the wines? 
      • practising fair prices?
      • flexible with the payment terms as well as the shipping/delivery terms? 
    • does a Market Analysis to: 
      • establish the fairness of the quoted prices compared to the current market 
      • and to verify the potential Gross Profit Margin (GPM) compared with the average market prices   
    • asks if possible to inspect the wines prior to buying it? if possible and if locally sourced;
    • if not, asks for high-res quality pictures (if possible, and/or documents/proofs of origin if available) of the wines (cases or even bottles if available) to determine:
      • the quality
      • the conditions
      • the authenticity    
      • the provenance
    • inform PM if reliable or not, or too expensive, etc...   

  • The Cellars and Logistics Manager 
    • Liaises with shipping companies and gets quotations to compare and estimate 
      • the cost of shipping (door to door, reefer container, plane or boat, etc...)
      • the time of the shipping (when, how long, etc...)
    • Choose the shipping company based on cost/efficiency/security/service/quality (the cheapest are not always the worst, and the more expensive are not always the best either)
    • Liaises with the negotiant or wine merchant to arrange for shipping/logistics details
    • Arrange for the ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with both the negotiant or wine merchant and the shipping company
    • Inform and keep the warehouse team updated 

B. Wine Purchase Order Receiving

In most case scenarios, unless you buy directly at the property or from a Négociant or an official agent or a trusted wine merchant, it is going to be very difficult for you to get high-res pictures and/or documents/proofs of origin of the wines prior buying it. Let's say nearly impossible.

Same regarding the provenance and/or current (or even previous) storage's conditions, there again, unless you buy directly at the property or from a Négociant or an official agent or a trusted wine merchant, you will never know if what they are telling you is the truth or not.

Yet, that is true that it may also happen with the Négociants, official agents or "supposedly" trusted wine merchants. They may tell you that the wine comes from directly from the property, while they may have bought it back from one of their clients or from a third party seller. You'll never really know in fact. You can only trust your guts, unfortunately.   

That's why it is very important to work with trusted wine merchants who can give some guarantee about the provenance, or, if not, are willing to let you inspect the wines  (if sourced locally), and/or send you some high-res pictures of the wines for you to check them prior to buying them.

But because it is not always possible to check them prior to buying them (either physically or on pictures), even with the merchants you know and trust, that's where the role and job of Wine Quality Control is crucial, as he or she will have to inspect and/or even authenticate the wines at good receiving at the warehouse (or at the store or wherever they have been ship/deliver to) prior storing the wines, in order to immediately inform the vendor and sent the wines back, if not satisfied and/or if the conditions are not as described on the email, the catalogue, the pictures or any other documents provided prior buying them.

And the SOPs states that at good receiving:
  • The Cellars and Logistics Team
    • Arrange for delivery time at the warehouse
    • Unload the truck or container, weigh the pallets/cases and mark them
    • Count the pallets, cases (and eventual loose bottles) based on the shipping documents and the purchase order delivery note 
    • Bring the wines to the inspections zone (usually an area prior to or within the storage area dedicated to inspecting the wines prior to being put away into the storage area)
  • The QC team 
    • Supervise/help with the unloading of the truck or container
    • Take pictures during the unloading to have proof of how the pallets/cases were when they were delivered and unloaded
    • Make sure that none of the wines have been put away in the storage area without being inspected first
    • Proceeds to the inspection prior to the Cellar and Logistics team put the wines away

Wine Inspection - Authentication basic tools by ©LeDomduVin 2018
Wine Inspection - Authentication basic tools by ©LeDomduVin 2018

C. Wine Inspection

  • The QC team proceeds to the inspection case by case
    • A case of wine is put on the inspection table or bench
    • If the case is an unopened Original Wooden Case (OWC) or Orignal Carton Box (OCB):
      • the case/box is not opened
      • it is inspected carefully to check of any signs/traces of opening attempts 
        • If pristine, a sticker or security tape is put on it
        • If not pristine (meaning there are signs/traces of a previous opening), the case has to be opened  
      • the case is weighed to check if it has a correct weight
        • If correct, a sticker with the case weight is printing and put on the case
        • Then the case/box is banded with a band featuring the company logo for security reason
        • If not correct, the case has to be opened to check its content 
    • If the case has been previously opened, then tape resealed or nail closed (no matter if OWC, OCB or not) and or if the case/box has not been opened, but it is not an OWC/OCB and/or does not present any markings of any kind to indicate what is in the case/box, then it has to be opened to do do the quantitative/qualitative inspection in order to check the quantity and quality (conditions) of its content.
    • QC staff should always come prepared for an inspection and have their tools at the ready for inspection (here is a list with the most essential items to have for a wine inspection)
      • A portable led flashlight (or light torch, however you call it) if it does blacklight even better 
      • A magnifier
      • A ruler
      • A cutter
      • Transparent tape
      • Tissue paper or wet tissue
      • A rollerball pen or a permanent marker
      • Small size Post It paper
      • A camera or smartphone to take pictures
    • During the inspection/authentication process, QC checks and take pictures of the followings (taking into consideration the vintage and origin of the wine, of course):
      • Overall bottle conditions
      • Label (pristine or damaged)
      • Capsule (pristine or damaged)
      • Level (correct, too high or too low)
      • Cork (depressed or protruding, check the vintage if possible for old and expensive bottles, and only if previously agreed with the vendor)
      • Color (correct, too young, too old) 
      • Sediments (present or not)
      • Bottle marks 
    • If all the bottles of wine of the same case pass the inspection: 
      • The bottles are carefully put back into the case/box, 
      • The case/box is turn resealed/closed
      • A piece of security tape or sticker is affixed on the case/box,
      • And/or the case/box is banded
      • The case/box can now be given back to the Cellar and Logistics team to be put away in the storage area
    • If some of the bottles of wine of the same case do not pass the inspection: 
      • The full case is put aside (either in the inspection area if secure or right behind the door at the entrance of the storage area, not to be put away yet and not to be mixed with other cases either).  
      • An email including details of the discrepancies/defaults + pictures is sent immediately to the vendor
      • Negotiations begin on getting something for the unsatisfactory bottles, either: 
        • a replacement
        • and/or a discount 
        • and/or sent back the bottles and get partial or full reimbursement  
      • Depending on the negotiation's result, 
        • Bottles are replaced
        • A new invoice showing a discount is sent
        • The bottles are sent back and reimbursed

Although it might be interesting for of you, I will stop here regarding the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), otherwise, you are going to be bored to the core, reading all these details. (if interested on the inspection's details, read one my previous post on the subject here)

However, the reason I wanted to share with you (parts of) these SOP's details, is to show you that we have an elaborate system in place to prevent from fake and counterfeit wine bottles to infiltrate our warehouses and cellars in our various storage locations, and that theoretically we should not have any suspicious bottles in our stocks (either fake or counterfeit or just in bad conditions) like this magnum of Petrus 1961.

Petrus 1961 - Close up on the suspicious label ©LeDomduVin 2019
Petrus 1961 - Close up on the suspicious label ©LeDomduVin 2019

Yet, it is not the case, the proof is that suspicious magnum of Petrus 1961 (in the picture above) managed to get into our stock.     

💥Work in Progress - to be finished soon 💥

Cheers! Santé!

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel)

NB: Over the last few years, I wrote quite a few posts on or including fake and counterfeit wines (if interested read the 2 most detailed ones here and here)