About this Blog

This Wine Blog is about producers, wineries and wines, their regions, sub-regions, parcels and Terroir of origin. Wine buyer and Sommelier, I'm just a middle-man relaying and conveying the message that the producers want to express in their wines in the most authentic, straight forward and simple (yet detailed) way possible. With no chichi, no bla-bla, no snobbery or other protocols (so political and hypocrite).... but mostly facts embedded into stories about men and women, their craftsmanship and the result in the bottles.    

I personally despise all the snobbery and hypocrisy within and surrounding the wine world.

People should be aware that most "vignerons" dedicate most of their time working hard in the vineyard and in the cellar, and put all their energy to produce the best wines they can every year. The winemakers have only one shot and like a chef they must succeed, as too many things depend every year on the quality of the crafted wines.

It is a high responsibility, and we should be humble and joyful when we drink wine, not adopting a snob or haughty attitude. We need to remember that they are farmers above all, working with an agricultural product that has many important meanings historically and geographically, locally, nationally and internationally.

Wine is culture and traditions, religious or not, it has always been a part of the life of mankind for more than 8000 years. It is essential in our everyday life and has become the natural beverage of choice on every good tables and respectable houses across the world. Often served to complement food, it has always been there to enhance the mood of any occasions and bring people together to share and enjoy moments which will remain as unforgettable memories.  Nothing snob about that, just men and women, wine, food and life.


LeDom du Vin