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Poem in crescendo to an unknown love

Poem in crescendo to an unknown love

Poem in crescendo to an unknown love by ©LeDomduVin 2019

I have been writing stories and poems (and scenarios, comics and even books), since my very early childhood, even taking the pictures or drawing the illustrations for them for as long as I can remember. I was writing and drawing everywhere I could and whenever I could (even whenever I couldn't, meaning during classes that had no interest to me, while faking listening to the teacher). 

It was bad... I was bad.... always lost in my world... always pushing the limit of my imagination and my creativity... and barely able to concentrate on the more serious and concrete things life is made of.     

I only write on inspiration, I never force myself to write. If it comes, it comes. And I can fill up tones of pages and spend hours without stopping writing as long as the inspiration comes. If it doesn't, then I don't, and won't even try, as it would be useless. 

But, this morning was one of these mornings when inspiration strikes me. I woke up formulating in my mind the 2nd verse of the poem below... for some reasons, the metaphor in the verse would not leave my mind...

Did I wake up horny? Or, in need for sexual healing? ... maybe, but I don't think so... The image in my mind was more subtle and refined than just satisfying a sudden body need... It was gentle and tender... A soft and delicate thought... Like something I haven't done for a long time and wanted to do... slowly, quietly, patiently, affectionately... taking all the time in the world to do it...  and finding that special someone to share and experience the moment with... I had no one in mind... I was just imagining that it is what I would love to do if I find the right person... hopefully, one day...

...and I'm sure lots of other people could relate to that poem too...

So, I immediately took a piece of paper as I did not want to forget the words, and as I wrote down the second verse, it inspired the first one, then the rest of the poem flowed effortlessly, transcribing, "au fur et à mesure" (gradually), the images appearing in my mind. 

I would like to dedicate this poem to all the lonely souls in this world (male and female, as this poem, can be applied to both), for them to believe in themselves a bit more, gain some self-confidence and find the strength and the courage to be stronger inside to fight their fears and doubts, to have more confidence in themselves and to face their personal challenges to one day finally find their soulmate, that special person who will accept and understand them, and love them for who and what they are and just the way they are (me included), to live and share the type of sentiments and moments I described in this poem.    

So, without further due, here it is..... 

Poem in crescendo to an unknown love

One day, I would love to tell you
What I really think about you
Tell you in a whisper: “I love you!”
That I would love to make love to you

That I’d love to sense your body
Shivering under the caress of my hand
Undulating along your curves slowly
Feeling the emotion through your skin

That I’d love to run my hand in your hair
For a while let my fingers linger there
Before gradually descending on your neck  
Then gently draw the contour of your face

That I’d love to lose myself in the tenderness of your regard
Taking the time to look at you and pose there
Redefining the lines of your visage with my timid stare
Exchanging eyes in eyes our sentiments for each other

That I’d love to share and laugh with you
And I’d hate arguing and fighting with you
And how the view of your smile and the sparks in your eyes
Can magickly brighten any of my darkening skies

That I’d love endless conversations
Some without moving the lips, not saying a word
Or on the contrary some with thousands of words
Sharing all of our ideas, interests and passions

That I’d love to stroll and sit down on the beach
Watching your beautiful silhouette shaped by the sunlight
Imagining things already while you walk back toward me
Returning your smile embellishing your profile flawlessly

That I’d love to indefinitely keep in mind
The picture of you in these beige sepia tones under the bright sun
Droplets of the ocean still streaming on your skin
While we lay down, our bodies and lips reuniting

That I’d love to watch the seasons pass by at your side
Watching Nature awaken in Spring, swimming in the waves in the warmth of Summer
Dancing with the leaves in the wind of Autumn while strolling in the wild
Cuddling in bed, trekking and skiing the slopes and playing in the snow of Winter

That I’d love to lay down beside you, both looking at the sky
Your head next to mine guessing the shapes in the clouds
Admiring the immensity of the universe by a bright summer night
Gazing at the stars, our imagination and dreams knowing no bounds  

And there are so many other things that I would love to say to you…
But as I remain speechless, distant, too shy and insecure to approach you
Glancing at you furtively from afar despite my inner desire to let you know
You've just noticed the expression in my eyes alight with countless thoughts of you...

Your faint but inviting smile is quite irresistible and friendly 
I should stand, surmount my fears, and embrace you warmly
Yet, hypnotised by your charm, I doubt I’ll do the first step to say hello…  
But... maybe, you never know...

Poem by Dominique Noël

April 3rd, 2019

©DominqueNoël 2019 ©LeDomduVin 2019

Hope you liked this sentimental poem... let me know in the comments if you feel like it... 

I had a lot of pleasure writing it, and if I knew how to play an instrument, I think I will even make it as a song, as I was almost singing it while writing it somehow..... 

That's all folks for today, 

Stay tuned for more posts about wine, and life in general, coming soon. 

LeDomduVin 2019

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