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Lost Momentum

Lost Momentum

Lost Momentum by ©LeDomduVin 2019

A blogger, in a way, is like a writer or even a journalist. All the posts are written based on the inspiration of the moment: a picture, an image, an idea, a thought, a fact, the news of the day, or even another article about a subject you would like to write about too, or whatever else could have triggered your interest and imagination to write that post, an article or even a book, at this particular moment. 

As a writer, you usually wake up with an idea (it could also happen during the day, the evening or even at night), rush to your computer and start to write something, the words are flowing right through your mind like the rapids of a river where converge facts, ideas, thoughts, stories, souvenirs and other memories. 

With words mingling in your mind, the post or article is slowly taking shape and structure as the words appear to form phrases reflecting the idea, the inspiration and all other things you’re thinking about while typing them… but the clock is ticking, and it is time to stop writing to do something else, like prepare yourself to go to work or whatever else you have to do, which stops you from continuing writing on this inspirational momentum. 

The facts, ideas, images, thoughts, stories, souvenirs and other memories you had a minute ago are now starting to vanish as your mind is occupied by other things you have to think about to organise the rest of your day. 

So, you publish your post anyway as you think that you wrote enough to trigger the interest of your followers and other potential readers, thinking that you will come back to it and finish it later, even stating in the post, that it is still a “work in progress” and it would “be finished soon”, knowing that this particular post might never be completed or finished, as you may never come back to it. 

If only you could have more time (and money) to be able to stay at home and write, or even go to other places to get the inspiration (a cafe, a bar, the park, the pier, the countryside, the beach, the mountain, etc…). But no, you have a daily job to think about, taking pretty much a large part of your day until late. 

Then after work, it would be great to be able to go back to writing a few more paragraphs, but no, you also have your life with your family, wife and kids, and things to do with them and other things that need to be taking care of, prior to be able to return to your bubble and write a little longer before going to sleep. 

A few days later, you realize that this great post or article you’ve started with so much excitement is going to be hard to complete and/or finish. You come back to it and start to revise it, some new ideas start to flow, but nothing as exciting as what you had in mind when you first started to write it. You wish you could have finished it on that day, when everything was in place in your mind and the writing pace was flawless and completely natural and didn’t require you to think as everything was there, clear and present in your head, and ready to be transcribed on the page… 

But, this was a few days earlier already, and since, your train of thought has taken other directions. The inspiration of the moment has gone to make room for other thoughts. And the idea that was great, only a few days ago, does not seem as appealing as it was anymore, and anyway, other people beat you to it, as thousands of articles and posts are posted daily on people’s blog, newspaper websites, news sites and other media like social networks. So what’s the point, as already at least 10 other people wrote on the subject and posted their article on the day you started yours….. 

Rings the bell? Well, it does to me, as it is pretty much the story of my blog life. 

How many times did I started to write a post and never finished it? Countless times…. Maybe I’m trying too hard, or maybe I’m writing posts that are too long or too complex or too details sometimes, and maybe I should change my ways of writing and write simpler, more straight forward and more to the point posts and articles… but it is usually difficult for a writer to change his/her writing style and patterns. 

When I start to lose interest in my articles, I’m saying to myself that I lost the momentum… this internal force driven by the inspiration and the imagination and creativity that first sparked the idea in my mind but then vanished gradually in a couple days, as I could not finish the post/article on that same day, on that same moment when everything was in place in my mind to write something that seemed good and interesting. I just lost the momentum.

This post is an internal mea culpa to apologize for all the unfinished posts/articles on my blog. Like any writer, when the momentum is lost, no point to try to go back to it, better move forward and write other things. 

Sometimes, it happens that I go back to and revisit an unfinished post or article, and, occasionally, I revise it (as my point of view on the matter may have changed or evolved). I rewrite entire paragraphs to make it better or just different. Sometimes I have nothing to add to it, so, I leave it as it is, unfinished... Sometimes the inspiration comes just to write the ending or the conclusion, just to tell myself that I did not leave it unfinished… but usually when the momentum is lost, better move on and write on something else. 

The life of a writer is full of lost momentums that he or she can’t even avoid or prevent. The writing of a piece on a subject is never completely finished as the ideas and thoughts of the writer are always changing, growing or diminishing, vanishing or resurfacing, evolving, being influenced by so many factors and reactions, internal and/or external, directly and/or indirectly, in the various moments of his or her daily routine. 

Most of the times, a piece of writing is just an expression of a specific moment that cannot be repeated and may never come back exactly the same way... 

Once it is gone, it's a lost momentum…. 

Thank you, 

LeDomduVin (a.k.a. Dominique Noel)

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