Friday, October 23, 2020

Dry Sack Medium Sweet Sherry Solera Especial (Aged 15 Years in oak barrels) Williams & Humbert

Dry Sack Medium Sweet Sherry Solera Especial (Aged 15 Years in oak barrels) 
Williams & Humbert

It's Friday and once again we are tasting an old sample at work. This time it is a forgotten bottle medium sweet Sherry (Jerez- Xérès) from Spain. And surprisingly, it is still fine. More than fine, it is very good and so easy to drink. 

And I can hear you already commenting "Of course, it is from Spain". Well... Funny enough, just in case some people may doubt that, it is even written on the cork: "Real Sherry comes from Spain" 🤣🤣🤣

Just to make sure..... Fortunately, the cork did not say "Made in China" 🤣🤣🤣

Smelled like rubbing alcohol at first, then the usual nutty, slightly toasted, roasted, dried nuts and fruits aromas, like raisins, with a dash of sea breeze salt, came to fill the air of the room. Lovely, light and slightly dull brownish color. 

The palate is like the label said, medium sweet, and medium bodied too, with the same flavors as on the nose, with a touch more of dry almond and sea salt. Nice balance and harmony overall, clean and really enjoyable. 

Yet, I love Sherry, so I'm easily convinced. Yet again, Dry Sack is always fairly pleasant and consistent, which makes it up for the lack of depth they may have on their entry level Sherry (like this one) compared to some of their neighboring counterparts. 

Yet again, for the price, it is a steal and a great companion to any apéritf served with olives, chorizo, sardines, mackerel and tapas. Looooove it. 

Dom (23.10.2020)

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