Friday, February 24, 2023

LeDomduVin: Cigar anyone?

Cigar anyone?

For those of you who may not know, a Sommelier is not only trained on all possible beverages and drinks from all around the world, (from mineral waters to all the various types of wines to tea, chocolate, and coffee, and all the other spirits and liquors in between, as well as food and cooking), but also on cigars (from around the world).

In short, a Sommelier is trained, then acquires more knowledge, skills, and experience in his/her career, for one purpose only: to handle, to the best of his/her storytelling ability, adaptability, and flexibility, all situations and questions customers may have and need an answer for.

It requires a lot of passion, determination, curiosity, consistency, and discipline as well as a lot of learning, reading, writing, tasting, drinking, and even smoking, to reach greatness.

As, let’s face it, one can not talk with passion and knowledge about something he or she does not know and/or has never experienced before, especially when it comes to food, wine, spirits, and cigars.

That is the most essential part of the job of a Sommelier, sharing passion and knowledge to tell stories, bring the customers to the place of origin of the product, and describe it with words, images, and metaphors, to set up the background scenery prior to conveying, with manners and elegance, passion and sincerity, the message the producers have put in their bottles, including geography, topography, climate, soil, subsoil, vineyard, cellar, techniques, processes, family, culture, tradition, time, patience, sweat and love, and all the ups and downs he/she must have been through to craft, year after year, the best possible wine.

And, when it comes to cigars, it is the same, a Sommelier must know everything about its origins, production, and taste, as one can read as many books as possible, tasting remains the only way to know and experience properly a cigar, a wine or a dish (or anything else for that matter).

Now, let's enjoy a cigar. May I suggest you one of these from this @davidoff Gift Selection box? We also have some @montecristo_cigars and @fonseca_cigars, or perhaps a @cohiba or a @trinidad?


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