Wednesday, March 1, 2023

LeDomduVin: Singing the praises of this wine or just thirsty? Domaine Humbert Charmes Chambertin 2018 (bis)


Are they singing the praises of this wine 

or just thirsty? 


Difficult to tell as in the first picture, they look like they are just thirsty and about to drink directly at the bottle, while in the 2nd and 4th pictures, one could easily imagine that they are singing. 😁

In any case, I fully understand them, as I could do both myself, singing the praises of this and drinking at the bottle. That's how good this wine is!!!

I know that I already described it in a previous post recently, but I had the opportunity to taste and serve it again recently, on a private boat, and it showed even better.

Domaine Humbert Charmes Chambertin 2018 displays of very attractive medium-deep garnet color. The nose boasts some dark and red cherries aromas, with some plumy, blackcurrant, and ripe strawberry notes, as well as earthy, smoky, and mineral nuances. On the palate, it was definitely less shy than the previous one (which, maybe, was slightly off), as this one immediately showed a lot of dark ripe fruits and earthiness, less rusticity, and more freshness and balance, as well as this mix of savoriness and saltiness lingering in the finish. What a lovely wine!

After 40 minutes, it revealed a different profile with riper and juicier dark fruits, more opulence and fullness in the attack, and the mid-palate, yet in an elegant manner. Delivering juicy fruit flavors, nice acidity, good focus, and balance, as well as more amplitude, structure, and texture in the mid-palate, leading toward a nice lingering finish, with earthy, savory (umami) and salty nuances, and that omnipresent smoky note. A very nice and well-crafted wine I must say!

It was a good idea to revisit this wine on a bright sunny day and serve it on the yacht. I think the weather and the environment suited it better.

I was proud of my choice (once again 😇), the guests were happy and even the sculptures were singing the praises of this wine. It was a beautiful day with plenty of good vibes.

Even the Krug Grande Cuvee 170th Edition was a delight.

Cheers! Santé!


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