Tuesday, April 18, 2023

LeDomduVin: Bollinger RD 2008 - HK Launch Lunch

Bollinger RD 2008
Hong Kong Launch

Hosted by @jebsenwinesandspirits 

Great lunch today, organised by Jensen Wines and Spirits, in a magnificent house on top of a hill overlooking the bay, for the launch of @champagne_bollinger  RD 2008. 

A beautiful champagne, light, mineral, and fresh, with razor-sharp acidity, outstanding balance and complexity, rich, refined, elegant, sophisticated, with a long finish. Loved it. Highly recommended. 

We tasted it in 3 different bottle formats: bottle, magnum and jeroboam, which I thought very interesting. And, to my end of the table, we all agreed the best expression of it came from the magnum format, which sublimed and enhanced this beautiful RD 2008, in ways both the bottle and the jeroboam didn’t. 

Although it was the same champagne, and the 3 of them tasted delicious, the bottle format was really good, but the magnum seemed more open, more expressive, complex and richer. In contrast, the Jeroboam seemed slightly tight and shy, as if he needed more time to fully express himself. 

We finished with the Special Cuvée NV in magnum, also a great treat. 

It was an excellent opportunity to meet @cyrildelarue from the Bollinger family, who gave many explanations and details and answered our questions. I was glad to spend some time with him discussing at the end of the lunch. Thank you, Cyril, to your family and you, for your Champagnes. 

It was also an excellent opportunity to catch up with the Jebsen team again. Thank you to Melody, who invited me and insisted on me coming while I was hesitant. Yet, it would have been a shame to miss such a lovely lunch. Thank you to the Jebsen team: Melody, Ivy, Kay, David and Louis, and to Mr Jebsen himself, of course. 

Cheers! Santé! 


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