Monday, December 4, 2023

LeDomduVin: Stunning Wines

Stunning Wines 

Served this weekend, some of my favorite producers.

Champagne @eglyouriet Millesime Grand Cru 2013

Sophisticated, refined, rich, and opulent without being heavy, vibrant, and lively due to great acidity, perfect balance, and yellow fruits mingling with mineral and oaky nuances. The palate is ample and generous, with a long finish. Loved it. Stunning!

@domaine_jeannoel_gagnard Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 2018

The enticing nose combines white flowers, white and yellow fruits, and minerals with delicate, integrated buttery, oaky notes. The palate is gorgeous, generously expanding from the beginning to the seamless finish, with that glycerine sensation coating the palate that makes you want more. It is so well-crafted, balanced, generous, expressive, and charming that it is impossible not to love it. The type of wine that is so good, it makes you melt on sight and love Burgundy white wine at first taste. Loooooved it. Delicious!

@domaine.robert.groffier Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru "Les Amoureuses" 2018

I have opened several bottles of this incredible wine in the last 8 months, and each time was as pleasurable as the next. Refined, delicate, and almost shy at the opening, it displays inviting fresh aromas of red and dark cherries mixed with floral and earthy notes. It does need to be decanted, but it needs to breathe. It started to develop after about 1 hour of opening: rounder, more affluent, elegant, refined, lively, gentle, and so long. Offering all the elegance and sophistication that the great Burgundian Pinot Noir is known for. 
Loved it. Another stunner!

@domaine.robert.groffier Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru "Les Sentiers" 2018

For those of you who may not know, "Les Sentiers" lies south of the Grand Cru "Les Bonnes Mares" (eastern part of Chambolle-Musigny, touching Morey-Saint-Denis), while "Les Amoureuses" lies south of "Musigny" Grand Cru (western part of Chambolle-Musigny, touching "Les Petits-Vougeots"). Although they are both "1er Cru", "Les Amoureuses" (Euros 758) sells for about 3 times the average price of "Les Sentiers" (Euros 262). Lighter and earthier, with higher acidity, pepper, and spices. It's not as grand, yet very nice too.

Cheers! Santé! 


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