Thursday, February 15, 2024

LeDomduVin: Still within the Top 150 of the "Best Wine Blogs" list on Feedspot! THANK YOU for your continuous support!


Still within the Top 150 of the "Best Wine Blogs" list on Feedspot! THANK YOU for your continuous support!  

At the start of each year since 2019, I check Feedspot's 100 Best Wine Blogs list to see where my blog ranks. And, thanks to you and your continuous support, I'm still there, at number #107. That is great! And it is because of you, my followers and readers. So, THANK YOU! Much appreciated.  

Some of you may say: Why is it so great? You're not even in the Top 100.  
And I'll say: Yes, you're right, but I'm still on the list and, once again, not so far from the Top 100. This encourages me to work even harder and better to reach that goal. 

You must realize that the "Feedspot's 100 Best Wine Blogs" list includes 1952 Wine Blogs representing the best wine blogs on the web (out of thousands of other Wine Blogs), ranked based on traffic(*), social media followers, and freshness. 

Therefore, being on the list is already greatly satisfying, and achieving the Top 100 would be amazing, yet reaching number #107 is excellent for me.  

"Excellent," as my wine blog is just a hobby. I only write when I have time and when the inspiration comes. I don't impose any quotas on myself or anything else. I have always been independent and always will be, so I can write about anything and everything I want whenever I want. 

Moreover, I have always shared my knowledge and passion for wine (on my blog and social media pages) without a profit motive or interest in brands or producers. I don't get any money or free goods from it. Although it would be nice, I'm not making a dime with it. I'm not an influencer, either. I just love writing and want to do it freely without anyone looking over my shoulder. 

Consequently, being on this list is a great reward. I am humbled and feel privileged about it, as so many wine blogs are better than mine. And yet, here I'm at number #107. Thank you.  

This number constantly oscillates throughout the year, so I look at it only once (or twice) yearly. Usually, every end of January or early February, to be consistent. I have been in the Top 100 several times in the past few years. Therefore, it is doable, and I will work harder to reach it again.  

  • 2019 - Number #92
  • 2020 - Number #85 
  • 2021 - Number #132
  • 2022 - Number #124
  • 2023 - Number #97
  • 2024 - Number #107

Thank you all for making this goal possible and achievable. Your likes, comments, and feedback motivate me to continue writing and sharing my passion and knowledge for wine, as I have been doing on this wine blog for the past 16 years.  

You are the reason why this blog still exists and continues to thrive, and I cannot thank you enough for that. And thank you to Feedspot, too.  

Share the passion, share the knowledge, share the love, share the wine! 

Cheers! Santé! Et Merci! 


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(*) Just to give an idea, in terms of traffic on my blog, here are a few numbers: 
  • 16 years of existence
  • Total of 1575170 views (as of 15.02.2024 at 5.44pm HK time)
  • average of 98448 views per year
  • average of 8204 views per month
  • average of 269 views per day

The above are the averages over the past 16 years. However, traffic has dramatically increased in the last 3-4 years.  

To give you a better idea, here are the stats for today (15.02.2024 at 5.44pm) courtesy of  


Thank you for all these views! Much appreciated.  


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