Monday, March 11, 2024

LeDomduVin: Tasting Argentinian wines at Bouillon HK

Tasting Argentinian wines at Bouillon HK

Last Friday, I was invited to taste some Argentinian wines at and some Ecuadorian chocolate. 

Cristina Carranco (@hkrunaway), the wife of Johan Ducroquet (founder and owner of restaurants and, invited me and a few others from the wine trade to discover 10 wines that are not yet in the HK market. 

The wines were served over a delightful "charcuterie plate" (more like a "foie gras" plate 😉) and a rich chocolate fondant/cake. Yummy! 

We tasted the wines from 

and the chocolate from 

It was a lovely tasting with some interesting wines looking for an importer/supplier to reach the HK market. 

If interested, please contact Cristina directly. 

Above picture of the front of "Bouillon HK" edited by and for @ledomduvin 2024, original photo by Aude Camus (courtesy of

It was also an excellent occasion to catch up with Cristina and chat with one of her friends and a few friends from some HK wine suppliers: @rolls64 #charlessoulisseplou and a few others. 

Thank you for the invite, Cristina. It was nice to see you and meet your husband and the team at Bouillon. It was a fun experience. 

Cheers! Santé! 


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