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2007 Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Gipuzkoa Spain

2007 Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Gipuzkoa Spain
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Made from the local indigenous grape, Hondarribi Zuri, Ameztoi is clean, fresh, juicy, racy, vivid and long. Mineral and full of zest, it is a must try for people who love bone dry white. I personally adore Txakolina wines, especially during the summer, and Ameztoi is one of my favorite wineries of this area.

Once, I visit the winery, about 3-4 years ago. The sight and the view were amazing. The vineyards planted on the hills and cliffs that makes this waterfront area so beautiful, are literally plunging into the ocean. The wine has iodine, salty hints that pairs fantastically well with fresh fish and shellfish. Usually, on Saturday, the owner transforms the winery into a hang out place / bistro for his family and friends but also for visitors. It is fun and convivial and the food is fresh from the market, cook on the spot.

While enjoying your food, if your glass happen to be empty, you can just go downstairs in the cellar where you will be able to refill your tumbler glass (it is the best type of glass to enjoy Txakolina wine, no fuss, no snobbery, just a tumbler...) straight out from the stainless steel tank. You will have to position your glass a few meters away from the metallic cuve and one of the cellar employee will open a tap projecting the refreshing, young and slightly effervescent white wine in the air to aerate it just before landing in your glass. This wine needs a good dose of oxygen to open up, release all of its flavors and attenuate the fizz.

The gorgeous port of Getaria, one of the most well known fisherman villages of the area, is a delight to visit and proudly encompasses two of my favorite restaurant for their wine list (incredibly cheap old Riojas, and other classic Spanish reds and whites at unbeatable prices: ). Getaria is just a few minutes away from San Sebastian, a great town to visit for tapas and especially for one of the great restaurant of this world : Arzak Restaurant. San Sebastian is the capital of the Spanish Basque country and surely the food capital of the northern part of Spain.

I try to go to San Sebastian and Getaria every year with my little family. It is worth the trip and I always enjoy it.

San Sebastian is fun and young with lots of Tapas bar, bistros, cafes and restaurants to choose from. The old town is beautiful. The night life is vibrant. And you can stay in their numerous hotels. My favorites: Mercure San Sebastian Monte Igueldo (for the view more than for the access or the comfort, but ok prices) and Londres Hotel (expensive price but exceptional view of the beach, the board walk and the bay).

Getaria is a picturesque fisherman village, difficult of access, but much more wild, charming and somewhat inviting than San Sebastian (my only issue: it was difficult to find a parking spot, but it is a nice price to pay when you want less tourist). The port and the mount San Anton (called "the mouse") are great for Sunday afternoon walk with the family after a nice, long lunch at Elkano or even better at Kaia-Kaipe restaurant. My favorite hotel for the quality, the view and the service is Saiaz Getaria Hotel ( I stayed at Saiaz nearly every year in the last 6-7 years and I have never been disappointed).


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