Monday, September 15, 2008

Taste buds in action and my motto

Hi everybody, 

A few weeks have past since my last post, but I'm back with new tasting notes. 

As always, I'd like to remind you that I only write about the wine that I loved. I may mention some that I enjoyed too, even If they gave me a lesser impression. However, you have to realize that I taste a lot of wines and many of them aren't that good or not even worth to talk about. 

Although, I consider, admire and respect the job of all the producers / winemakers, as the grandson of a winemaker myself, I need to admit that only few of them really achieve great, pleasing wines. 

Sometimes, certain flaws may add dimension or character to a wine, but too many flaws (too alcoholic, too green, too tannic, too thin, too acidic, too bitter, too jammy, too woody, too short, too strong, too ripe, unbalanced, disjointed, inharmonious, etc.. and the list is long) are just not good enough to excite my taste buds. 

As a wine buyer, It is my job to taste, analyze and dissect each wine that I taste (or drink), to find the ones that will please you the most. I try to keep an open mind and especially an open palate to be able to offer the best from both world to my valuable customers. 

My favorite Wine Motto is: 

"A good wine will always make you want to drink another glass after you finish the first one! Share it cheerfully!" (LeDom aka Dominique Noel) 



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