Thursday, August 28, 2008

New wines and old wine articles explaination

Hi Everybody,

Over the next few weeks (or few months, because I do have a lot to catch up), I will write about new wines of course, with Fall and Winter season calling for some earthy, more full bodied and complex wines; but I will also write about wines that I have tasted over the last few years. For these wines, I will try to mention the exact tasting date or at least the month when I tasted them.

Let me explain: I used to have a website where as you used to write most of my previous tasting notes, but unfortunately for diverse reasons, more especially for time and lack of know-how-about-to-maintain-a-website reasons, I completely erased and canceled it and decided to restart from scratch. That is the reason why I do have a lot of writing to catch up in this new blog that I just started a few weeks ago.

I hope that you will not be too confused, otherwise send me a note and I will try to help you (especially if there is no date).


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