Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog

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Hi everyone,

I hope that you will enjoy reading about all of these different wines as much as I enjoyed tasting them.

With this blog, I'm hoping to share with you my passion for wine, food, travelling, photos and much more. Being a Wine Director - Wine Buyer - Sommelier allows me to taste from 6,000 up to 8,000 wines a year. Therefore, every week, or at least as often as I can, I will update this blog and write some posts about wines that I loved or found intriguing, and that I have tasted and bought for the store where I work.

I tend to taste and buy small artisanal, expressive wines, often organic and biodynamic, that have refreshing, vivid acidity, great balance and focus, present yet integrated tannins, and especially that reflect the true characteristics of their Terroir of origin and invite you for another glass. Because at the end of the day, the most important and appealing thing about good wine, more especially if it is a good bargain, is that you want to drink another glass of it, just after you finished the first one.

I'm known for dissecting the wine apart. Like a surgeon, I examine, analyze and try to comprehend every single component within each of the wine I taste, with the 4 best tools that nature has created: brain, vision, smell and taste, in order to describe the wine the best way as possible and especially to define its quality.

As I always say: "Every wine is interesting to some extent and should be tasted, even if after tasting it and analyzing it, you'll realize that not every wine is enjoyable or good to drink!" LeDomduVin

In a world where there are so many wines around, coming from so many different countries, I decided to only speak and write about the wines that I tasted and loved as well as those which intrigued me or surprised me. As, at the end of the day, writing about the bad and/or the less interesting ones will somehow be a waste of my time but also a waste of yours. And Wine is so subjective...

My notes and comments are purely and solely personal. They only reflect my opinions and shouldn't, in any case, influence your way of tasting or your opinion about the described wines. Remember that tasting is very subjective and personal, and you will probably disagree with some of the wines that I tasted and loved. But hey, that's life, and that is what makes wine so interesting. 

I just hope that you will enjoy learning a bit more about some of these wines that you may have never heard of, or that you hesitated to buy due to lack of information and knowledge about the wine itself, and/or about its region of origin.

So, sit down, open your mind and wake up your taste buds, relax, think about something nice and positive, appreciate the moment for what it is and for what it brings to you, and enjoy the ride.

Cheers! Santé!

(aka Dominique Noël; aka "The Wine Surgeon"; aka "The wine dissector")


  1. Wouacha, ca c'est du blog ... nous on est a Bordeaux ... et on boit du vin "Pessac-Leognan" bien sur ...

    devine qui nous sommes ...

    1. Merci pour les encouragements les Bordelais, en esperant vous voir tous les deux a Bordeaux tres prochainement. Bisous a vous deux. LeDom du Vin.

  2. Merci pour les encouragements les Bordelais, en esperant vous voir tous les deux a Bordeaux tres prochainement. Bisous a vous deux. LeDom du Vin.