Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Discovery of the Month: August 2008 - 2007 Chateau L'Ermitage Costieres de Nimes White Rhone Valley France

Hi Everybody,

This past week, I didn't taste much. It is the end of August. The summer has been quite slow (as usual for a New York retailer) and the weather has been fairly good so far, so a lot of our customers where gone (not too far...economy oblige) or not buying much wines.

However, It seems that less people traveled abroad this year which allowed us to keep a steady business, not great, but not too bad either. I guess the economy, the price of the gas, the Euro-Dollar exchange and the hugely anticipated election of the new president also explain why people refrain from spending as much as they used to.

Luckily, for once, in six years living in NYC (for me), the summer has been pretty nice with us, not too hot, not too humid and not too stinking either. We could even say that August has been even cooler than usual, especially the last two weeks, a little breeze gently refreshed the air and brought back red wines to mind.

Crisp roses, refreshing whites and light reds season is nearly finish, so I started to buy mid-season whites and reds for the fall.

About 3 weeks ago, I tasted a fairly inexpensive white Rhone that delighted me more particularly than any other white Rhone wines that I tasted in this price range since a long time. I ordered 5 cases of it right away and sold almost all of it in 2 weeks and a half (in August...not bad). I will have some more at the beginning of September.

2007 Chateau L'Ermitage Costieres de Nimes White Rhone Valley France
Suggested retail price $10-$13
Distributed by Baron Francois in NYC

I was literally blown away by this wine. I tend to think that a great wine is a wine that invites you to drink another glass after you've finished the first one. From the first sip on, I wanted to finish the bottle. My wife and I already drunk 3 bottles this week and counting...

Made of 3 grape varieties, 2007 Chateau L'Ermitage white combines all the characteristics of each grape in a perfectly balanced blend of 60% Roussanne, 30% Grenache and 10% Viognier. This is an ideal mid-season, medium-bodied white wine that offers a lot for the price.
Roussanne brings fruit flavors (golden apple, white peach), body, roundness and earthiness. Grenache complete it with depth and structure. Viognier adds some charm to it with some floral notes on the nose, freshness with a crisp acidity in the mid-palate and a touch of oily texture in the finish. A very interesting and versatile white to enjoy with or without food, on a late warm lazy afternoon, for a picnic or a simple dinner. Enjoy!

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