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2003 Dupere Barrera "La Procure" Cotes de Provence

2003 Dupéré Barrera “La procure” Cotes de Provence France
Suggested retail price $21-$26

After creating their Negociant company in 2000 (called “Les Vins Dupéré Barrera”), Emmanuelle Dupéré and Laurent Barrera wished to expand their project and life into the cultivation of their own vines.

In 2002, they became owners of a small parcel of vines and some land, called “Domaine Clos de la Procure”, located in AOC Côtes de Provence, where they now produce a very expressive wine that reflects all the characteristics of its magnificent terroir.

The domain encompasses 5.5 hectares of old vines under the AOC Côtes de Provence, 1.5 hectares of olive trees, some forest and 1.4 hectares of replanted syrah. The Domaine is located in the Var region, next to the village of Carnoules.

The parcels of vines are situated in small terraces separated by small rock walls, paths, or rows of olive trees. The soil is a mix of limestone and clay with detritic elements. The exceptional presence of a subterranean water layer about 12 meters deep guarantees excellent nourishment of the vineyard and limits the negative effects of drought, which was particularly important in 2003, 2004.

They produce 3 types of wine. A red blended with Grenache, Mourvèdre plus some very old vines Carignan. A rose which is not produce every year, issued from Cinsault with a touch of Ugni Blanc. A white produced with 100% Ugni Blanc.

The vinification and bottling process are carried out according to the NOWAT process first experienced in 2000 and fully used by Dupéré Barrera since vintage 2001. Go to the following link to learn more about the NoWat method on their website: http://www.duperebarrera.com/procure/english/nowat.html

As you may have understood already, we are talking about a small artisanal winery that produce only very limited amount of wines and bottles. From the vineyard to the cellar, they only used the biodynamic method and everything is also organic: no pesticide, no herbicide, no chemicals, natural compost only, no addition of yeast or sulfites, manual harvest, manual destemming, manual press of the grapes, no pumping, no filtration, no fining, gravity vinification system, hand bottling, …etc. They do everything themselves with rudimentary tools and produce fantastic wines.

Tasting note and food pairing: La Procure 2003 is a blend of Grenache and Mourvèdre predominantly with a touch of Cinsault and Carignan. It is a big earthy wine that offers plenty of red and dark ripe fruit flavors complemented with garrigues notes and hints of oak. The opulent palate is balanced and forward with great texture. The 2003 vintage experienced one the hottest summer of this decade, but they still managed to produce an excellent wine. A grilled meat & BBQ’s companion. Enjoy!

Infos partly taken from their website:

LeDom du Vin

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