Sunday, January 25, 2009

2007 Latitude 50 Spåtburgunder Brut Rosé Sekt B.A. Rheingau Germany

2007 Latitude 50 Spätburgunder Brut Rosé Sekt B.A. Rheingau Germany
Suggested retail price $19 - $22
Imported and Distributed by (our great friend) Savio Soares (selections)

Our good friend Savio Soares is already renown for bringing organic and biodynamic gems and values from France and Germany (and more), and once again he hit the spot, with this 100% Spätburgunder (more commonly called Pinot Noir) Rosé Sekt (Brut or sec) sparkling from Germany.

2007 Latitude 50 Spätburgunder Rosé is fresh, vivid, with multiple, fast paced bubbles and an elegant, tender, light pinkish onion skin color. This rosé is a sociable, easy-going and inviting bubbly. Surprisingly easy to drink, dry and bright yet ripe and light on its feet and fruity (and once again, remember that fruity doesn't necessarily mean sweet, in most case, it just imply ripeness or a fruitier taste than usual in therm of fruit not of sugar.... sweet is definitely a misleading word in the wine world vocabulary), it is an ideal dry sparkling rosé wine for any festive occasion (a toast, a lunch or a dinner, etc..). It was one of the highlights of 2008 end of the year Holiday's season and a no-brainer choice for taste and especially value. Saint Valentin is coming soon and this rosé will tenderly complement your eyes-to-eyes, cuddling time.


LeDom du Vin

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