Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Hi Everybody,

After about a month working roughly 10 hours (+) a day, 5 to 6 days a week, the month of December is finally finished and I'm back for more posts. 

It was a good month overall. We were 10 to 15% down from last year, but overall we can't complain. It wasn't as bad as we thought and most of our business is base on the local clientele, so we were not as affected as some other retailers. 

In any case, depression and recession are calling for consumption, and the wine and spirits industry is probably one of the less touched by the crisis. People (in general) seems to cut on food, gas, night out, restaurants, etc... but not on booze or wine (fortunately for us..). 

Of course, they did not buy any wine above $25-$30, except the last 2-3 days before Christmas and New Year for present only, and rather stayed under $20 and even $15. However, instead of one bottle at $30 or $40 for their own consumption, most of them bought 2-3 bottles between $8 and $15 (which is even somewhat better for our business: more inventory turn over and in most cases better margin). 

However, 2009 is here and let's hope that it will be better than 2008 which was, for many people (and animals and plants...) around the globe, a catastrophic year in many ways... 

With Obama in the starting block, the United States of America should take a new beginning, start a new era and bring hope for a better future. Can he really make a difference? Will he be able to change what need to be changed? Yes, I think so. As he said "Change can happen!" and we should all believe in it and help him to concretize it. 

Happy New Year 2009! Joy, Happiness, Health, Success and best wishes to you all. 

Wine and spirits will continue to inspire and please beginners, amateurs and connoisseurs like you and me. In 2009, I will try to describe and write about a wine (or more) everyday (or as often as possible).  

As always, enjoy wine with friends and family, and preferably with food on the table. In this difficult time, there is nothing better than a brunch, a lunch or a dinner with good people and a carefully chosen (even inexpensive) bottle of wine to share with them. 


LeDom du Vin

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