Saturday, March 21, 2009

2004 Can Blau Reserva Monsant Catalonia Spain

2004 Can Blau Reserva Monsant Catalonia Spain
Suggested retail price $45-$50
Imported and Distributed by Tempranillo Inc. in NYC

Their 2007 Can Blau (regular, sold for $16-$18) is really quite good, rich and smooth. However, the 2004 Can Blau Reserva is a monster of flavors and intensity, in the same league as some of the best Priorato wines (Priorat, Catalonia, Spain).

Monsant is a little enclave in the south of Catalonia, north of Priorato. Although, usually, not as complex and mineral as the Priorato wines, Monsant wines can sometimes match them in richness and density. 2004 Can Blau Reserva is one of on these extremely intense reds. Powerful and oaky yet balanced and integrated, it boasts flavors of ripe dark berry, rich dark chocolate, moccha, earth, spice and toasted oak notes. It is a good alternative for big Cabernet and Zinfandel lovers. Pair it with something substancial like grilled steak or BBQ.


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