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2006 Gouleyant Malbec Cahors France (Georges Vigouroux)

2006 Georges Vigouroux "Gouleyant" Malbec Cahors France
Suggested retail price $9-$11
Imported by Baron Francois Ltd. in NYC

"Gouleyant" is first and above all a great french word that means: fresh, agreeable and easy to drink (when you talk about a wine).

But "Gouleyant" within the same spirit as the word itself, is a simple, versatile, earthy, enjoyable, Malbec based wine made from one of the great figures of Cahors: Georges Vigouroux (et fils). Cahors is a small, medieval town located in the southwest of France, squeezed between the southeast of Dordogne and the town of Toulouse.

Although, the Vigouroux family has been in the vine and wine business for nearly 150 years, it was Georges Vigouroux, the third generation of the family, who first planted vines on the hillsides of Cahors in the early 70s and really started to invest into the property. He now passed on his knowledge to his son Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux. From a family of vine-growers, winemakers but also Negociants for nearly a century, Georges and Bertrand-Gabriel perpetuate with great enthusiasm their family tradition of crafting wines.

They own a few properties, some around Cahors including Chateau de Mercues and Chateau de Haute-Serre where they produces several Malbec based wines including Gouleyant, Atrium and Pigmentum. One can definitely say that the fame of Cahors has risen over the last 20 years due to the hard work and efforts of the Vigouroux family.

This high quality yet affordable wine comes from vineyards planted on the Cahors hill slopes, planted on limestone-clay soils. Made from 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot, vinified by Bertrand-Gabriel, the wine went through a long maceration to extract a maximum of fruit and color. It was fermented then aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness and the fruit expression.

The nose is earthy, floral, with black currant and dark cherry fruit flavors mixed with hints of tobacco leaf and smoke. The attack is fairly juicy, with good acidity in the mid-palate followed by a lingering earthy, slightly tannic, finish. Overall, this wine is juicy with ripe fruit, smooth, earthy and food friendly. Pair it with duck, grilled on "Sarments" (aged vine shouts, cut after the harvest before the cold winter season), and served with wild mushroom like "Chanterelle".


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  1. I served it with cherry jam/curry glazed chicken breast, herbed cauliflower, grilled crimini mushrooms and baby lettuce with sherry vinaigrette...Hmmm!

  2. Sounds pretty good in some English culinary tradition way! But, hey, who am I to judge if you like it that way?...


    LeDom du Vin