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2006 Flavio Roddolo Dolcetto d'Alba Piedmont Italy

Flavio Roddolo

Flavio Roddolo is one of the last remaining truly genuine wine-growers in Piedmont. The 20.000 bottles he produces annually, in the Bricco Appiani hill outside of Monforte, are the work of an artisan deeply attached to his land, who knows and respects each one of his vines.

The 6 hectares of vineyards have not been chemically treated for 40 years, following biodynamic ideas before it became fashionable. Roddolo uses only indigenous yeasts, does not clarify nor filters. The vines, planted on calcareous/clay soil, are 10 to 70 years old. His wines are a reflection of the Monforte terroir and of the man who makes them: they are introverted, brooding and intense, but with patience they reveal a rich, unique and rewarding personality.

2006 Flavio Roddolo Dolcetto d'Alba Piedmont Italy
produced at Nella Cascina Bricco Appiani, Monforte d'Alba
Suggested retail price $17-$19
Distributed by jan d'Amore Wines in NYC

This wine was made with 100% Dolcetto grapes, from 10 to 70 years old vines, harvested the
third week of September. After a fermentation of 15 days in stainless steel tanks. Organic, artisanal, and crafted only using natural yeasts, this wine was bottled unfiltered, unclarified and unfined, in order to keep the distinctive characteristics of the Terroir of origin.

Nice, medium intensity, dark cherry color. The slightly esoteric and rustic nose offers flavors of ripe dark, wild berry with earthy, smoky notes. The palate follows with the same earthy, raw, rustic yet juicy, bistro-like attitude. It tastes almost like freshly crushed ripe, mature grapes mixed with dirt and smoke. The rawness of this wine appears in a more evident way in the mid-palate. The finish is fairly dry and rustic too with present, dry tannins which add very good structure to this wine. A wine of character for the adventurous, somewhat more open minded palate.

Overall, I know, my notes are not necessarily inviting or convincing about this wine, but you 'll be surprise, I enjoyed it despite some angularities. Definitely not your everyday wine, you should decant it to tame it a bit and serve it with a substantial, earthy meal.


LeDom du Vin

Info partly taken from Jan d'Amore website at, this producer doesn't seem to have a website.

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