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2007 Le Cellier du Palais Mondeuse Vin de Pays d'Allobrogie Savoie France

2007 Le Cellier du Palais Mondeuse Vin de Pays d'Allobrogie Savoie France (Rene & Beatrice Bernard)

At the foot of the majestic Mount Granier, nestled in a beautiful landscape of vineyards and mountains in the Savoie region, the "Cellier du Palais" (meaning the palace's cellar) has been the property of the Bernard family since 1700.

Cellier du Palais combines traditionalism with modernism, making traditional wines, characteristic from their region of origin, with state of the art technology. The domain is run by René Bernard and his daughter Béatrice. It is situated in the southeastern part of the valley of Chambéry, the historical capital the Savoie region, in the village of Apremont which the wine capital of Savoie by excellence.

Located just south of Chambery, Apremont is a named Cru (like Jongieux, etc...) from the village of the same, whose name may be added to the appellation "Vin de Savoie". The wines are typically light, dry and mineral, predominantely whites made from the local Jacquere grape. Some reds are also produced with the local Mondeuse red grape variety.

With a little more than 200 hectares of vineyards and a rich wine-producing heritage, the vineyard of Apremont is the symbol of the village which has shaped its landscape and its land around this ancestral culture.

The vineyard of Apremont is situated on the east slope of the mountain Joigny which falls northward in the direction of the transverse valley of Chambéry. The main element of the soil is constituted of very thick white limestone on the surface. This white limestone constitutes the base of the Cretaceous period and contains fossils. Above this limestone is the black soil rich in humus, the thickness of which varies according to the plots of land. This ground is a mixture of humus, marl and deposits from former moraine glacial periods; we can also find pebbles brought by former glaciers. The vines found in this predominantly chalky and pebbly ground their favourite type of soil. The resulting produced wines express the minerality and the complexity of the soil, marked by a beautiful, refreshing and balancing acidity.

Cellier du Palais posseses 7 hectares of vines planted on slope facing east. The vines grow in a landscape bathed by morning and early afternoon sun alongside cherry trees, almond trees and fig trees. It has allowed the cicadas to settle on our slope.

Tyhe work in the vineyard continues in the respect of traditions. They strike a balance in an environmental concern to protect the vineyard and the surrounding environment. They encourage digging and ploughing to enhance the bacterial life of the soil and the rooting of the vines. They thin out the bunches of grapes and the leaves and prune the vines well back to maximize the yield.

2007 Le Cellier du Palais Mondeuse Vin de Pays d'Allobrogie Savoie France (Rene & Beatrice Bernard)

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This Mondeuse is kept for one year in a vat and in a barrel before being bottled. The aroma is of red fruits and spices, characteristics of this typical Savoy vine. It will keep well for another 4-5 years.

The 2007 Le Cellier du Palais Mondeuse has a bright red ruby color with light purple hue. The nose is earthy, a touch smoky, hints of green tobacco leaf, with discreet yet distinct red and dark berry aromas, cassis, blackberry, mixed with floral notes of violette, roses and cloves. The palate is lovely, quite bright and juicy with great vivid acidity. The mouthfeel is delicate and fairly rounded, with excellent ripeness, ripe dark berries flavors with hints of spice and superbe balance. The finish is long, earthy, slightly raw, bit rustic and angular but in a good way.

Overall the palate is really focus and expanding in a pleasurable juicy and harmonious way. Very fresh and cleansing with an underlining touch of rusticity. Not your everyday wine, but definitely a must try food friendly wine. I love it.


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