Sunday, October 4, 2009

2008 Alto Tierruca Sauvignon Blanc Chile

2008 Alto Tierruca Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Chile
Suggested retail price $7-$9
Imported / Distributed by Monsieur Touton in NYC

I couldn't find much information about it and Monsieur Touton the Importer / Distributor doesn't seem to have any website. However, as always, I will find more info even if I have to phone the winery (it wouldn't be the first time that I'm doing such a crazy thing).

However, to get back to the wine, I love this little wine. It is a quaffer, quite simple yet attractive and balanced, fresh and juicy. At roughly $8 dollars on the shelf, it is a steal!

In the glass, it shows an extremely clear, pale yellow color with low intensity and discreet slightly green reflects. On the nose, the Alto Tierruca Sauvignon Blanc Reserva offers floral notes, like white blossom, and mineral intermingled with citrus peel, peach and lemon grass aromas. The palate is clean, fresh and simple yet balanced, nicely expanding and focus til the end.

I personnally think that this wine is a perfect crowd pleaser. Love it.

Enjoy each sip of it as an aperitif or with appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, fresh cucumber and feta salads, goat cheese, grilled fish and asian cuisine.


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