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2009 Aragus Grenache-Syrah Old Vines Campo De Borja Aragon Spain

2009 Aragus Grenache-Syrah Old Vines Campo De Borja Aragon Spain

“Aragus” is one of the numerous labels produced by Bodegas Aragonesas. The Bodega is located in the Campo de Borga Denominación de Origen (DO), in the medieval kingdom of Aragon, with vineyards planted at the foothills of the Iberian Mountain Range, in the northwest of the province of Zaragoza.

It is a transition zone between the plains of the River Ebro and the mountains of the Sistema Ibérico, which includes the foot of the Iberian Mountain Range and the high valley of the Ebro River, two important geographic and topographic factors also shared by neighboring ancient kingdom and wine regions “Navarra” and “La Rioja”.

Although less recognized than its two more regarded neighbors, Campo de Borja, which for the past 5-6 years enjoyed climbing notoriety for producing easy-going and affordable wines even when produced from old vines, is also a privileged and long established area for growing vineyards, both due to the quality of the soil, the ideal climate and the centuries of savoir-faire, where countless inexpensive yet rewarding wines are exponentially produced.

Grenache, or Garnacha, is the predominant grape variety grown in Aragon and more importantly Campo de Borja, producing juicy, earthy and slightly spicy wines with generous amount of ripe dark fruit and versatility to complement a wide array of dishes and gently agreement any occasions. Other grapes like the irreplaceable Tempranillo, but also more international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah often complement Garnacha.

Although you won’t find much info on their website about this particular wine, due to the fact that sometimes, labels may changed depending on the various market they are distributed to, I invite you to visit the winery website to check the different wines that they produce at

Moreover, I couldn't find or make a good picture of the label, so here is the label of the Garnacha-Cabernet Sauvignon which is about the same and will give you a good idea.

2009 Aragus Grenache-Syrah Old Vines Campo De Borja Aragon Spain
Suggested retail price $6-$8
Distributed by Winebow in NYC

A blend of 85% old vines Garnacha and 15% Syrah, this little wine isn’t the most complex, yet it is pretty enjoyable and easy to drink. Behind its medium dark, ruby color, the nose at first, then the palate, delivers generous ripe juicy red and dark fruit aromas and flavors intermingled with earthy, floral and slightly toasted notes and hints of chocolate. Following a soft, round palate with good balance and medium built between the ripe fruit, the acidity and the present yet fairly integrated tannins; the lingering finish has a good grip with earthy, spicy nuances, which makes this rather inexpensive wine a crowd pleaser and a great everyday red to enjoy at anytime with “charcuterie” based hors-d’oeuvres and grilled and / or BBQ meats.


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