Thursday, September 7, 2017

What is LeDomduVin?

The following post is one of the page of my blog (here) that I just enhanced with more details and pictures, and finally decided to publish it as a post too for those who might be interested by the origin of the name "LeDomduVin"

What is LeDomduVin?

"LeDomduVin" is many things, but above all it is a concept turned into a nickname initiated by a friend's joke during a dinner back in 1997 shortly after I moved to London.   

A young Sommelier back then, when we had dinners amongst friends at each other places, each of us was contributing to the dinner by bringing 1 or 2 bottles of wine or champagne (and/or food, cigars, port, cognac, etc...), and I loved opening the bottles and serving the wine for my friends during these dinners. 

As we had fun and conversations were in full swing around the table while eating and drinking, glasses were emptied quite fast and my roommate at the time who was a Bartender and who nicknamed me "Le Dom" (to make it more unique 😉) was always asking at the sight of the empty glasses for me to open and pour more wine: "Le Dom, du vin s'il te plait!" (which can be translated in English as: "Le Dom, some wine please!"). 

The nickname of "LeDomduVin" was born and stuck to me ever since... 

Shortly after, I started to realise that "LeDomduVin" was a great name, especially for a Sommelier and grandson of a winemaker with a passion for wine like me, as in fact LeDomduVin could mean or represent many things:

1. LeDomduVin is my nickname based on the expression of my friends "Le Dom, du vin !?!" (when glasses are empty 😉)...

LeDomduVin a.k.a. Dominique Noel
pouring Château Suduiraut in glasses
© LeDomduVin

2. LeDomduVin could also be the short name for "Le Domaine du Vin" (*) as "the field of Wine", meaning as a general subject of conversation or presentation about wine

LeDomduVin vs. Le Domaine du Vin © LeDomduVin

3. LeDomduVin could also be the short name for "Le Domaine du Vin" (**) as an estate or a property exclusively dedicated to wine (a winery or a wine store or wine museum)

Le Domaine du Vin by LeDomduVin NYC Boutique Store Style © LeDomduVin

4. LeDomduVin could also be the short name for "Le Dôme du Vin" as a place or a building where wines are under a dome (a winery or wine store or a wine museum)

Le Dome du Vin by LeDomduVin © LeDomduVin

As you can see "LeDomduVin" is quite versatile and can be interpreted whatever way you see it. 

LeDomduVin in a chronological order: 

1997 - Birth of "LeDomduVin" Nickname in London (UK)

First reference of the concept during a dinner with friends and establishment of the homonymous nickname given to Dominique Noël

2008 - Creation of "LeDomduVin" Blog (and unofficial start of Wine Consulting) in New York (USA)

"LeDomduVin" is an independent wine blog mainly about wine, but also including food, geography, history, travel, culture, tradition, book, music, photography, life in general and its many colors, aromas and flavors....

Tasted, written and edited by me, Dominique Noël a.k.a "LeDomduVin", a French-Bordeaux native naturalized American, as well as a professionally trained and seasoned Sommelier, often characterized as a Wine Lover, Food Enthusiast, Life Biter, and more especially knowledgeable Wine Buyer since 1992, with in-depth experience in some of the greatest wine markets in the world such as Bordeaux, Paris, London, New York and now Hong Kong.  (You can read more about the blog on the page "About LeDomduVin Blog" page) 

2012 - Official creation of "LeDomduVin" Sommelier | Wine Consulting in Hong Kong (HK)

"LeDomduVin" Sommelier | Wine Consulting provides services including 

  • Sommelier Wine Consulting Services 
  • Wine Tastings & Classes 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Stock Valuation 
  • Carte des Vins | Wine Menu Advice & Suggestions 
  • Wine Writing & Contribution to Articles in Websites and Magazine 
  • Wine Authentication and Inspections (Wine Quality Control) 
  • Brand Ambassador 
  • Broker (via 3rd party)
  • Oenotourism (via 3rd Party)
  • Producers & Wineries relationship 
  • Wine Trip Advices

Yes, "LeDomduVin" is all the above: a Sommelier, a wine blog, a consulting company and more. 

Thanks, Cheers, Santé!

LeDomduVin a.k.a. Dominique Noël

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