Tuesday, November 9, 2021

THANK YOU ALL (once again)

THANK YOU ALL  by ©LeDomduVin 2021
by ©LeDomduVin 2021


THANK YOU all for your continuous support! Much appreciated 🙏👍🍷😁

I'm very happy to still see my blog on the list of Feedspot Top 100 Wine Blogs (*), nestled amongst some of the most influential and informative wine blogs in the world. What an honor! 

Not that I do anything to deserve it, as I don't write much and don't really advertise it either, (as I only do that as a hobby and only post on my blog when I have time), yet, it pleases me to see that I am still there at number 132. That's great!👌👍 🤘🍷😁

And this thanks to all of you, so THANK YOU. I raise my glass to you all. 

Cheers! Santé! 


(*) In fact, it should be Top 300, as their list contains 292 Blogs.

If interested, find the Feedspot Top 100 Wine Blogs list at 


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