Sunday, December 26, 2021

Apero time with some FOK HING GIN & Tonic

Apero time with some 


and some blessings

Fok Hing Gin "5 Blessings" Mandarin flavored

Nothing beats a good Gin and Tonic 😁👍😋😋😋😋

Fok Hing Gin is obviously a gimmick for "F**king Gin", a commercial and marketing stunt to attract consumers, which, like most controversial, tasteless, yet, smart and provocative things in life, seems to work wonders on people, as, although quite young, this brand is already quite successful.    

To expand their selection and offer a different Gin experience to their clients, Fok-Hing created a special edition gin to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021! It was the Year of the Ox, and the festivities inspired them to enhance their original classic London-style gin with mandarin orange flavors. 

Mandarins have always been a big part of the celebrations in Hong Kong (and China in general), with mandarin trees being put everywhere to complement the traditional ornaments of CNY. Mandarins symbolize good fortune, wealth, happiness, appreciation, prosperity, and all kinds of other positive words.    

The resulting Gin called Fok Hing Gin "5 blessings" is a premium Gin (about 5 times the price of their regular Gin) (around HKD588, USD75 or 66 Euros), which is both flavorful and delicious, with hints of mandarin orange (of course), and also floral and herbal scents mingling with hints of spice and white pepper nuances. 

I paired it with "Fever-Tree" Premium Indian Tonic, a company that creates some of the best-tasting mixers (I have tasted) to complement the world's finest spirits. Their Tonic is their benchmark, since 2005, but they also craft some excellent ginger beers, ginger ales, and other lightly flavored sodas as well. Highly recommended. It was delicious.  

Cheers! Santé! 


For more details, go to their website at 

Fok Hing Gin

Fever-Tree Mixers:

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