Friday, March 25, 2022

LeDomduVin: Bordeaux vs Burgundy Illustration (2022 version)

Bordeaux vs Burgundy 

by @ledomduvin 2022

Dusting off and re-posting the 2019 version of my "Bordeaux vs Burgundy" illustration, (see my previous post), inspired me to create a new version of it. 

So much fun, I could not resist. And you might notice the improvement in between... 😅😁👍🍷

These 2 bottles, (Bordeaux and Burgundy), have been the protagonists of many of my illustrations and stories for my blog, for at least a decade (or even more). 

And, it is always fun to put both of them face to face, as they have a very conflictual relationship, (like the people of the 2 wine regions of the same names in real life) 😅😅😅😁👍🍷

I love both deeply, yet, my undecided heart constantly swings between the two. 

How about you? Which side are you on? 😉

Cheers! Santé! 


PS: As some of you asked, the answer is "YES", I do all my creations myself and on my own: photos, pictures, drawings, illustrations, paintings, collages, montages, memes, texts, notes, quotes, descriptions and so much more, even music tracks. 

And Yes, LeDomduVin, Domelgabor, and Aworpyramide are the same person, me. They are just different aliases for different types of things and projects 😁👍🍷🍷🍷

Lyrics (in the illustration) from and courtesy of "I Am Woman", a song by Emmy Meli. (I love this song and the message it conveys) (watch her video at

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