Friday, September 9, 2022

LeDomduVin: Scrutinizing Petrus (again)

Scrutinizing Petrus (again)

Recently, a person I follow on Instagram asked me some questions about Petrus.

I answered to the best of my knowledge, yet, to back up the info I gave her, I went to one of our restaurants and gave a closer look at these 2 bottles of Petrus 2007, I found in the cellar.

Nothing wrong with these 2 bottles, fortunately. Yet, it was a good opportunity to do what I used to do best, prior to taking my current position about a year ago.

In my previous job, aside from being a Sommelier, I was also the Wine Quality Control Director for the entire company, for about 9 years, and, thus, spent a great part of my time checking and managing the company stock's quantities, as well as the storage conditions, quality, and security, including doing thorough inspections for all the wines we bought, stored and sold (quantity, quality, conditions, and genuineness).

And, I must say, I was very lucky to have a big boss who was a real wine lover, buying a lot of the top wines in the world, which allowed me to have access to (and even open, prepare, taste, and serve quite often), such beautiful, old and rare ladies (as I liked to call them).

Moreover, while, I gave them all the time and attention they deserved, I have learned a lot about fake and counterfeit wines, increasing my interest, broadening my experience, and perfecting my skills and knowledge in this particular field of the wine industry, which remains rather unknown and obscure, and is only practiced by a handful of people around the world.

I miss those days, sometimes, so, meticulously scrutinizing these 2 bottles of Petrus 2007 made me feel as if I was back in my old shoes as Wine QC Director, inspecting every detail to make sure of their genuineness and authenticity.

To prevent educating the counterfeiters, I cannot reveal everything I know, or, at least, not more than what I have revealed already in the many posts I wrote on the subject on my blog. It is like being a wine investigator or a wine detective, certain things are better left unsaid or to your interpretation. 😁👍🍷

Santé! Cheers!


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