Friday, October 14, 2022

LeDomduVin: AUOR - An exquisite culinary experience

AUOR: An exquisite culinary experience 

I recently went to "AUOR", the new fine dining restaurant project of Chef Edward Voon, in Wan Chai. And, it was a tremendously exquisite culinary experience. Highly recommended. 

The dimly lighted decor is dark, somber brown and matte metallic gold, sober, elegant, chic and sophisticated, yet cosy and confortable, intimate and inviting. 

The logo design, the name "AUOR" referring to both "Gold" and "Auror" (Dawn), as well as the clock concept for the menu and the menu itself,  have all been created by Chef Voon. 

Proving once again, that, despite his (or her) skills and experience, a Chef is all about creativity and imagination, as well constant search for excellence and consistency, perfecting his (her) talent and skills as he (she) continues learning, experiencing and discovering, meticulously and precisely crafting each dish, while reinventing and improving his (her) cuisine every day. 

Each dish at AUOR was a delight for the eyes, the olfactory system and the taste buds. 

Beyond the elegant and creative presentation, what I savored most was the combination of scents, aromas, flavors, textures and substances of each bite. Each dish was both intriguing and enticing, colorful and very tempting. 

Bravo and thank you Chef @edwardvoon74 (and your team). You did an amazing job with the design, the decor, the menu, the food and the service. My friend and I were very impressed and amazed. 

I'm happy for you that you can now run your own restaurant to splendidly showcase your talent and skills to the world and do what you really want to do. 

Each of your dish was a rich, complex, refine and sophisticated piece of art. And I feel privileged I had the chance to see, smell and taste them, as I very rarely indulge myself in such fancy restaurant. 

I brought 2 bottles which paired surprisingly well with the food: 
Jacquesson Avize Grand Cru Champ Cain Brut 2009 (disgorged in 2019), and 
Château Léoville Poyferré Saint-Julien 
Second Grand Cru Classé

It was an exquisite culinary experience. 


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