Saturday, October 1, 2022

LeDomduVin: Coincidental pairing

Coincidental pairing 

Following up on "which bottle should I pick to be paired with a cigar?" Some of you guessed it well, spot on, well done! 

Yet, most of you discovered it with the reel (a short video) I posted in the previous post. 

I picked Château Pontet Canet 2010. 


Well, as I did not know which cigar it will be paired with, I needed a solid wine with complex aromas and body, so as not to be overwhelmed or overpowered by the flavors, strength, and richness of the cigar. 

It was not an easy choice, as Pomerol first came to my mind. And yet, Cabernet Sauvignon being stronger and more tannic, it had to be from the Left Bank. And, amongst the choice I had, my gut's feeling (combined with my experience and knowledge of the wines) told me that it will probably be the best choice. 

Pontet Canet 2010 is an amazing wine displaying aromas of dark fruits, earth, soil, and wood mingling with floral and mineral notes. It has power and richness, structure and texture while being harmonious and balanced, and beautifully expands throughout the palate with substance and character up to the long lingering earthy finish. Majestic! 

It showed wonderfully after 2 hours of decanting and displayed a lot of complexity and refinement and potential of aging. Highly recommended and to be revisited within the next 5-10 years. 

As for the "coincidental pairing" part, it came when I realized that the cigar, (it will eventually be paired with), was none other than one of my favorite cigars, and truly an excellent choice from the host: 

Partagás Serie D Especial Edición Limitada 2010

What a coincidence! And, what a surprise! (as I had no clue what the cigar will be). A 2010 vintage wine paired with a 2010 vintage cigar. Perfect! 

It definitely makes for a good story to tell. 

Santé! Cheers! 


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