Tuesday, May 16, 2023

LeDomduVin: Chateau Leoville Barton 2009 - Decantation


Chateau Leoville Barton 2009 - Decantation

I was recently invited to a farewell party at a discreet restaurant in a central Hong Kong tower. The restaurant resembles a private club and even has a wine shop where you can purchase a bottle (or more) to take away or enjoy in the restaurant, making it very convenient. 

As I came empty-handed, I bought a bottle of Chateau Leoville Barton at the restaurant's wine store and informed the restaurant manager that I would decant it myself. One of my colleagues made this video while I was decanting the bottle. 

I was disappointed with the wine as it didn't taste as good as on previous occasions. When I opened the bottle, I noticed a vinegar-like smell and the acetic acid odour was also noticeable during decantation. I didn't mention anything on camera, but I could tell something was off with this bottle.

I spoke with the restaurant manager regarding the issue. He suggested double decanting the wine, which slightly improved its aroma. However, the taste remained lacklustre and differed from what one would anticipate from a 2009 solar vintage.    

After waiting for approximately 2 hours, the taste slightly improved. However, it was still below the expected quality for such a good vintage and definitely not comparable to previous bottles I have opened.

Because I bought it, I could not leave it to waste, so I finished it.  

Cheers! Santé!


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