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LeDomduVin: Burgundy Stellar Examples - Raveneau and Groffier

Burgundy stellar examples: 

Raveneau and Groffier

Opened this weekend... (1/2)

Raveneau and Groffier need no introduction, as both are widely recognized among connoisseurs and enthusiasts of exceptional Burgundy. Their reputation precedes them.

Domaine Francois Raveneau Chablis Premier Cru "Foret" 2018

Stunning! Upon opening the bottle, I immediately detected a pleasant aroma from the cork, indicating its initial appeal. It boasted zesty citrus peel notes in the glass, subtle nuances of apple and pear, toast, and white flowers. Medium to full-bodied, it is smooth, silky, generous, ample, and charming, exuding elegance and precision, enhanced by crisp acidity and chalky minerality on the finish. Beautifully balanced, finely structured, and textured, while gracefully expanding from the attack to the long finish. What a delightful wine! Loved it. 

Domaine Robert Groffier Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru "Les Sentiers" 2018

As soon as I opened it and took a whiff at the cork, enticing aromas filled my nostrils and put a smile on my face. Past its dark red hue, the nose offered timid black cherry and floral notes with an earthy tone. After a little while, the nose was quite charming and refined. The palate also seemed shy, dry, earthy and acidic, thin, and lacking a bit of amplitude. After about an hour, it opened up, revealing more prominent flavours of ripe dark cherry and plum mingling with floral and earthy notes. The moderate tannins provided a good structure and length, and the wine was pleasantly easy to drink. Yet, it seemed that it was still closed, having yet to fully express itself. Too young, I thought. And yet again, something told me that within 5 or 6 more years, this pinot would transform into an exceptional wine. It just needs a bit of time.

Domaine Robert Groffier Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru "Les Amoureuses" 2018

Compared to "Les Sentiers," "Les Amoureuses" appeared so much more open, confident, and exuberant. The nose was refined and enticing, combining red and dark ripe cherry with mineral and floral nuances. The palate is soft, silky, refined, almost fragile, yet layered, complex, rich, and generous in a very elegant and sophisticated way. Impressive!

As discussed with my colleagues that night, it is true that it is very difficult to go back to drinking average wines once you've tasted high-quality ones (like those above). For wine (and everything else), you can not return to mediocrity once you have tasted excellence. - Dom

Cheers! Santé!


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