Tuesday, November 7, 2023

LeDomduVin: The 5 medals wine

The 5 medals wine

The other day, I went to my local supermarket to buy some groceries, and, as usual, I browsed around the wine selection. Suddenly, my eye caught an insane deal: 1 Chateau Lussan Cuvée Réserve 2018 for HKD 68 (about 8 Euros) or 3 bottles for HKD 120 (about 14 Euros).

As I always say: “I buy, open, and serve the best and most expensive wines in the world at work, but I drink the cheap ones at home.”

(NB: Put your kids in an international school, pay for the school and rent yourself in Hong Kong, and you'll understand why I drink cheap wines at home 😅😅😅).

I had never tried Chateau Lussan before, but being a Bordeaux native used to the taste of inexpensive Bordeaux, how bad could it be? Especially for such a good deal. And if it was bad, I would not regret it much, as usually HKD 120 is the price I pay for one bottle.

Yet, what surprised me the most was that this little wine boasted five medals on its label. Not one or two, five!!!

It was so intriguing I had to buy it. Not because it had 5 medals, as I do not trust these medals that you can now see everywhere, and often do not mean much, and do not necessarily reflect the quality of the wine either (*).

I bought it because I had to taste it to understand why it got five medals and if it was justified. So, I took the deal and left the supermarket with my 3 bottles. I was proud of myself and eager to open one as soon as I arrived home.

Surprisingly enough, the wine was not bad, not bad at all, especially at this price. Is it worth five medals? Not sure. Yet, the quality/price ratio helped get them, for sure.

It is a nice, quaffable Bordeaux wine, well-balanced, presenting satisfying red and dark fruit aromas and flavours, generous without being heavy or rich, yet structured and complex enough to give you something to chew on at this price. Even the finish is king of lingering. At this price, it is a steal. I will surely buy some more.

The moral of the story is that wine medals usually don't mean much, but sometimes they do!

And in an ocean of cheap Bordeaux wines that have difficulty selling, they might even mean something sometimes!



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