Friday, November 10, 2023

Ledomduvin: Champagne anyone? Jacques Selosse and Dom Perignon

Champagne anyone? 

Jacques Selosse and Dom Perignon 

Now, it is not every day one gets to taste Jacques Selosse. Especially the cuvee "V.O.", and for good reasons, the price reflects the high quality and tiny production. 

Jacques Selosse only produces 3600 bottles of Version Originale ("V.O.") for the whole world. It is very sought-after and hard to find as the allocations per buyer are small, just a few bottles only if you can get them. 

Official suppliers and distributors usually sell out almost immediately; hence, finding some bottles on the grey market at unreasonable prices is unsurprising. 

Jacques Selosse V.O. 'Version Originale' Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Extra Brut NV (Disgorged 2019)

Disgorged in 2019, this "Version Originale" displayed rich and enticing golden apples and pears perfumes mingling with floral and mineral notes. The palate resembled more of a wine than a champagne as the bubbles faded rather quickly, diminishing the usual effervescence. Soft, silky, complex, dense, sophisticated, graceful and luxurious, expanding gently until the long, lingering finish. What a treat! Definitely living up to the hype! Loved it!

Jacques Selosse "Initial" Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut NV (disgorged 2021)

"Initial" is the more "accessible" Cuvee of Jacques Selosse. Yet, although less complicated to find, he only produces 33000 bottles of it, which is also scarce. I would have loved to taste it side by side with its sibling to compare them, especially because the "Initial" was disgorged in 2021, so the comparison would have been interesting. But, the host decided not to open it, unfortunately.  Too bad! Oh well, there will be a next time. 

Dom Perignon Brut Vintage 2013

Dom Perignon 2013 has been one of our House Champagnes for the past few months, so I have served it several times lately. It tasted the same as a few days ago. Fresh, crisp, elegant, and racy, it is lighter, less rich and less textured than the 2012 (IMO), yet lovely density and structure with refreshing acidity, boasting floral and mineral aromas and flavours with yellow fruits and yeasty nuances. Perfect as an aperitif and with light appetizers. 

I loooooove Champagne!

Cheers! Santé!


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