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LeDomduVin: Artadi Viñas de Gaín 2020

Artadi Viñas de Gaín Vineyard Selection 2020 

con Jamón Ibérico, queso, huevos and patatas fritas.

The other day, I was at “Bayfare Social”, a cozy, vibrant, and welcoming Spanish restaurant in Rosewood (HK), to do the wine service for a private dinner. After the service, as it was my first time coming to this venue, I decided to taste some of their food with one of their wines by the glass.

With the suggestions of Cillian (the restaurant manager) and Yann (the assistant restaurant manager), I went for the “HUEVOS ROTOS” (Ibérico Ham, Fried Potato, Spanish Egg, and Aioli – see picture) and the “TXIPIRONES” (Baby Squid, Spanish Egg, Padrón Peppers), and chose the Artadi Vinas de Gain 2020 to go with it.

Pairing the wine of a great Rioja producer like Artadi with some Spanish comfort food was a wise decision, as it was a great match!

More especially a wine I know pretty well as I visited Artadi a few times in the mid-2000s and love their wines (I bought and sold a lot during my “New York” years).


A beautifully crafted wine with a dark red color. It boasts aromas of ripe plums, black fruits, and berries intertwined with chocolate, licorice, earthy and toasted notes. The palate is medium-bodied, fruity, ripe, rich, dense, complex, yet fresh, vibrant, and youthful, with present and persistent yet integrated tannins, providing this attractive wine with a gentle texture and solid structure. Well balanced, it expands nicely until the long finish. Still a bit young (IMO) and yet so approachable now, too. Loved it.

The wine paired better with the HUEVOS ROTOS (in the picture) combination of ham, egg, and potatoes, echoing in harmony in a festival of flavors on the palate. 

I also like the cozy, comfortable, cheerful, and accessible restaurant atmosphere, where people were smiling joyfully and chatting while sipping a glass of wine with some Spanish fare. The restaurant felt good and alive. Loved it. Highly recommended. 

Cheers! Santé!


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