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2006 Piandibugnano Nanerone Toscana IGT Italy Sweet red dessert wine

Piandibugnano Nanerone Toscana IGT Italy Sweet red dessert wine

Piandibugnano winery is nestled in the small hill top village of Seggiano, located in the Province of Grosseto, southern Tuscany, about 100 km south of Florence.

Three friends and co-investors created Piandibugnano. Giorgio Bucelli, a veteran wine salesman and now in charge of marketing; Paolo Trappolini, the eonologue for Avignonesi winery as well as this venture; and Carlo Filippeschi, a restaurateur who manages the business end. They joined forces to create a promising new name in southern Tuscany.

Founded in 2002, this 3.5 hectare (9 acre) winery sits at the uppermost zone of grape and olive cultivation in the chilly Montecucco zone, where the climate and terrain are dominated by the 1800 metre / 5400 foot Mount Amiata.

Piandibugnano wines exhibit a dynamic combination of warm- and cool-weather characteristics: big and rich, yet always held in check by a bracing line of acidity and intriguing scents and flavors of the Mediterranean maquis (macchia in Italian or Garrigue in French).
Nanerone is made of 100 % Aleatico, a rare and wonderful red grape variety mainly grown in the island of Elba, west of Tuscany, to produce the famous Aleatico di Portoferraio but also found in Lazio and Puglia.

The grapes come from vineyards planted at 400-520 metres / 1300-1650 feet above sea level, on slopes with north and northeast exposure, and mix of calcareous and volcanic soils.

The vinification is quite traditional: the grapes are handpicked then transported to the cantina in small plastic basket. After destemming and crushing, fermentation lasts around 3 weeks, with pumping over 3 times daily to maximize the concentration and optimize skin contact. Once racked off, the malolactic fermentation takes places in barriques (barrels), where the wine remains for 9 months before bottling. Nanerone is aged in bottle for at least 6 months before released.

2006 Piandibugnano Nanerone Toscana IGT
Suggested retail price $37-$40
Distributed by Domenico Selections in NYC

Made 100% Aleatico red grape, the 2006 Piandibugnano Nanerone boasts rich and complex aromas of red ripe wild cherry and blackberry with floral and nutty notes. On the expanding palate, this wine imposes harmonious flavors of luscious dark fruits deepening to chocolate, mocha and cloves. The long finish is persistent and delectable.

Usually, sweet Aleatico wine is made by drying the grapes prior to fermentation. The resulting wine is a rich, luscious end to any cool night dinner and outside BBQ as a digestif. It is also superb with seasoned cheeses and chocolate dessert.


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