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2008 Jean-Paul Brun Rosé d’Folie Beaujolais Rosé France

2008 Jean-Paul Brun Rosé d’Folie Beaujolais Rosé France

Suggested retail price $12-$15
Distibuted by Polaner Selections in NYC

Jean-Paul Brun, one of Beaujolais best winemakers, is the man behind “Terres Dorées” label.

“Domaine des Terres Dorées” is located in the Southern Beaujolais, just north of Lyons, in a beautiful area known as the "Region of the Golden Stones" (or “Pierres Dorées” in French).

Jean-Paul Brun, the owner and winemaker, runs this 40-acre family estate, in a non-conformist way. He believes in traditional, old style wines and winemaking. Only using indigenous yeast, with barely any chaptélisation or any other unnecessary manipulation in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Brun has attracted the attention of the French and American press for the wonderfully fruity and delicate wines he produces. His wines are the perfect expression of their terroir of origin, revealing complexity, high acidity and earthiness, complemented by juicy fruit character. Most of his wines are crafted from old vines, some may say that they are somewhat rustic depending on the vintage, however, good year / bad year, I just found them very attractive, true to their terroir and layered with earthy components that bring texture and structure.

His "Rosé d'Folie" is a Rosé "de Saignée" made from 100% Gamay "must", extracted from his Beaujolais red tanks at the beginning of the maceration and fermented separetly from his regular Beaujolais red. The 2008 Jean-Paul Brun Rosé de Folie gives off essence of red currants and spice intermingled with vivid acidity and minerals that nicely enhance and carry the bright, ripe red fruit character of this friendly wine until the finish.


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