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2008 Adega Cooperativa de Redondo “Porta da Ravessa” V.Q.P.R.D. Alentejo Portugal

2008 Adega Cooperativa de Redondo “Porta da Ravessa”
V.Q.P.R.D. Alentejo Portugal

“Porta da Ravessa” (or “Door of Ravessa”) is the name of the entrance to the east wall of the ancient “Castelo de Redondo”. Even today local people still speak of its great stories relating to the many merchants and acrobats that in the Middle Ages used to occupy the front of it to entertain, sell merchandises and promoted the many activities of the castle to the travelers and locals.

The medieval door and the rest of its surrounding walls on both sides have been classified as National Monument in January 1946. The image of this entrance was popularized in the 90s, when it was put on the label of “Porta da Ravessa”, one of the numerous wine brands produced by Adega Cooperativa de Redondo.

Adega Cooperativa de Redondo is located in Redondo, a small village located in the District of Évora, 70 kilometers west of Badajos and about 170 kilometers east of Lisboa. Since almost half a century, the Adega Cooperativa de Redondo (ACR) has been dedicated to the production of white and red wines from the Alentejo DOC, Portugal’s largest wine region, with “Porta da Ravessa” being of the most well known wine brands of their portfolio and one of the largest selling wine in Portugal.

“Porta da Ravessa” is produced in red, white and rosé. The red is a blend of Trincadeira, Aragonês, Alicante Bouschet and Castelão, harvested from vines planted on essentially Granitic soils, complemented by patches of calcareous clay and schist, conferring great minerality and earthiness to this wine.

The wine didn’t see any oak and was entirely made in state of the art, latest technology temperature controlled stainless steel tank to keep the maximum of freshness and fruitiness.

2008 Adega Cooperativa de Redondo “Porta da Ravessa” V.Q.P.R.D. Alentejo Portugal
Suggested retail price $8-$10
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This wine has a medium to deep ruby color, with clean, earthy aromas of ripe red and dark berries. The palate is nice and simple, with the same type of flavors. Overall, it is lively and young, reminiscent of freshly crushed grapes, with a round, velvety mouthfeel. The finish is dry and earthy yet quite juicy. Just another great value from Portugal to enjoy with or without food.


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