Monday, April 18, 2011

Canadian Club Whisky from 1956 and Benedictine from the 50s

A few months ago, my boss received some old bottles of spirits and liqueurs from a friend, which were probably used as decorative bottles on a counter or on the top forgotten shelves of a bar somewhere.

Somehow too old to be sold within the store and one of them being a Canadian whisky from 1956, which I found pretty incredible that a bottle from 1956 could still be standing 50+ years later, I asked my boss if I could take 1 or 2 for memory sake for my father born in late 40s (or for myself who knows).

However, I ended up bringing back home 2 bottles: 1 bottle of Canadian Club 1956 and 1 bottle of DOM Benedictine probably from the 50s too. I put them on the top of my kitchen cabinet, thinking that one day I will send them to my father. Yet, a few days after Christmas, my wife and I welcomed a new addition to our little family, a beautiful little baby girl.

We had something to celebrate, but my wife was at the hospital. Fortunately, a friend and my mum came for Christmas and stayed for a few days after; consequently, my friend and I, and because my mother doesn't drink whisky, we had to have a drink, and the bottle of 1956 Canadian Club seemed very appropriate for the occasion.

Canadian Club is a brand of whisky from Canada. Popularly known as C.C., Canadian Club began production in 1858. It was established by Hiram Walker, and was known as Walker’s Club Whiskey.

Surprisingly after all these years, the label or the plastic cork weren't even damaged and the whisky was still showing at his best. Light golden-amber color in the glass. The fragrant nose offered light touches of oak, spice and vanilla. The palate was light, gentle, smooth and lightly sweet, with no harshness in the finish. This Canadian whisky had some of the smokey, sweet flavor of bourbon, but its smoothness was somewhat similar and closer to an old Scotch whisky. Really enjoyable for a whisky boasting 86.8 US proof or 43.4% of alcohol, and that has been bottled 55 years ago.

It was good a way to celebrate a new born. As for the Benedictine, it is still "throning" atop the kitchen cabinet.

Here is a few pictures of the bottles and labels.


Collectors, sorry! I will drink these two bottles at some point or another.


LeDom du Vin

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