Thursday, April 21, 2022

LeDomduVin: The 5 Basic Tastes

The 5 Basic Tastes

by @ledomduvin 2022

I know, I know, there are thousands of pictures and images about the 5 basic tastes on the internet... I know.

Yet, as you know, I like to put my creativity to good use and I love creating my own images, illustrations, and other digital and visual content myself, instead of taking the work of someone else. 

In my opinion, if you have a little bit of creativity, some imagination, and a bit of time, creating your own is so much better,  as it is extremely satisfying and rewarding, and always comes with a certain dose of pride. 😀 😉 👍🍷🍷🍷

As you know, I love drawing and creating digital drawings, visuals, and artsy or cartoon images and illustrations for my blog's articles and posts, as well as for all my accounts on social media. 

So, unhappy with what I could find on the internet, I decided to create my own. Pretty cool, isn't it? 😋😋😋😁👍🍷

I have also put this illustration in the article about Salt in wine, that I wrote on my blog, back in 2010. If interested, you can read it at

Cheers! Santé!


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