Friday, April 22, 2022

LeDomduVin: Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

by @ledomduvin 2022

There is only one earth, it is our home, and, so far, the only planet where humans can live. Thus, we ought to nurture it, preserve it and keep it safe from harm. 

As the human population continues to grow, pollute and destroy exponentially on daily basis, by clinging to bad habits and adopting wrong attitudes and behaviors, with a huge lack of interest to change things for the better, preserving the earth must be today's main priority with immediate attention and actions. 

Since the first COP ("Conference of the Parties" to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change), back in 1995, we have heard the same things over and over: we must reduce plastics, reduce carbon emissions, reduce the use of fossil energy sources, reduce pollution, use cleaner energy, better recycle solutions, alternatives, prevent climate changes, prevent temperatures from rising too high, etc, etc... 

Nowadays, 27 years later, we are facing exactly the same or even worst problems than before, as well as more frequent and more violent "natural" disasters every year a little bit more, and we still face all these problems with no efficient and durable solutions, and no will to turn things around apparently as it is not lucrative enough for the governments. 

There are more plastics used now than ever before, for example. And the list is endless...

When are we going to understand and do something about it? When are we going to realize that we need drastic changes now in our everyday attitudes, behaviors, demeanors, and manners towards our own planet? When? Human nature sucks! 

In fact and in truth, the daily efforts of a minority to change things for the better are in vain and are reduced to nothing due to the inactions and lack of interest of the majority, (including most governments). And, to a certain extent, how can we blame them for not caring enough about climate change and pollution, and others things, when they already have difficulties making ends meet and other worries are occupying their mind on a daily basis. 

"There is so much hatred, war, and poverty" as the "Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes" song goes. What is happening to the human race and how it is impacting all the living (animals and plants), everywhere on earth, should be a call for people to wake up, engage, and make a difference, to face these challenges. 

I have said it many times before and will continue to repeat it: 

"Humans do not try to find solutions to the problems they create, they only adapt to their consequences" - Dom

Happy Earth Day to whoever is doing something every day to preserve the earth a little. Every little bit helps.  

Take good care of yourself and stay safe and give some love to each other 'cos that's all we got. 



Little game: how many hidden events, movies or comics references can you see? 
(as Easter was last week, I put some Easter eggs in this illustration 😁👍🍷)

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