Monday, November 7, 2022

LeDomduVin: Cigars


For those who may not know, a Sommelier is someone that has studied and has been trained on anything you can serve at a table, including, but limited to: 

Drink (wine, beer, spirits, sake, whisky, cognac, armagnac, port, liquors, cocktails, and basically all alcoholic beverages in general, but also none alcoholic beverages too like coffee, tea, chocolate, etc ..)...

Food (it is very important for a Sommelier to have deep knowledge and even skills about all sorts of food, but also cooking and recipes ingredients, in order to make food and wine pairing, and find the most ideal match (I do not believe in the perfect match, as wine like food is very subjective and taste differ from one person to another). 

And, even smoke! 

Cigars are parts of the service at the table. For those who enjoy smoking them (like me), they are the quintessence of the relaxing time that comes after the meal with a digestive, while enjoying endless conversations with guests, family, and friends. 

I have not smoked a cigar for a long while now, as I completely stopped smoking cigarettes 3 years ago, and did not want to smoke anything, not to be tempted to go back to the cigarettes. Once a smoker, always a smoker, unfortunately. 

Yet, despite a few rare and weird occasions, I have succeeded for the past 3 years in not falling back. Very proud of myself for it. 

However, a cigar is very enjoyable and I keep great memories of my time in London (1997-2002), where I have been initiated to smoke quality cigars and took great pleasure in smoking them. More especially the Partagas Serie D, one of my favorite cigars. 


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