Thursday, November 24, 2022

LeDomduVin: Juyondai Cho Tokusen Banshu Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Juyondai Cho Tokusen Banshu Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo Sake

十四代  純米大吟釀 超特撰 播州山田錦 生詰

If I have been posting more "Sake" lately, it is because the company I work for has recently opened a Luxurious Private Club, comprising several bars, private rooms, a cigar lounge, and a few restaurants, including one Japanese Restaurant, where I have been going to do the wine service at least once or twice a week, in the past few weeks.

The good thing is that atop buying wines for these dinners, I now also get to buy some Sake, which is great as I can learn more about them and train my palate by tasting lots of different ones.

Last Monday night, I poured this Sake from the famous and highly regarded brand "Juyondai". Although they produce quite a few of them, I love most of their Sake. That's how reliable this brand is. Highly recommended.

The "Cho Tokusen Banshu Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo" is quite nice and strong, medium sweet, and very flavorful, with a slight sensation of alcohol in the back end.
It pairs well with stronger and more flavorful dishes.

For those of you who might be clueless about Sake, here is some information that may help, courtesy of

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo
Polishing Ratio: 35%
Rice Type: Yamadanishiki
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Yamagata
Brewery: Takagi Shuzo

Junmai Daiginjo is the highest grade of sake: refined, sophisticated, elegant,
an usually the most flavorful of all Sake types.

Banshu is the old name of the Harima Region in Hyogo, which is known for making the best Yamadanishiki. It was recently awarded GI Status. Fruity and gorgeous aroma of melon, Juicy & Fruity without being cloying.

Cho Tokusen is a special selection chosen from fermenting tanks that are particularly vigorous and go through a unique pasteurization technique, which after that goes into storage for maturation.

Cheers! Santé!


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