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LeDomduVin: Thierry Germain Domaine des Roches Neuves Saumur Champigny "Terres Chaudes" Loire Valley 2018

Thierry Germain Domaine des Roches Neuves Saumur Champigny "Terres Chaudes" 

Loire Valley 2018

In truth, I'm a bit biased when it comes to Thierry Germain's wines, as I have been buying them for a long time (the last 2 decades, at least), and I have always loved them.

Cab Franc is not the usual crowd-pleaser, yet, I used this particular wine for 2 big events recently, and it was a real success, everyone loved it.

I wanted a different type of wine than the usual (and utterly boring) Merlot or Cab Sauv offered at parties and events. And, as I am a huge fan of Cabernet Franc, I thought I would dare.

The tricky part with Cabernet Franc-based wines is that they can be dry, tannic, astringent, earthy, austere, and even green (vegetable/leaf), especially if slightly unripe.

Yet, I knew that by selecting a wine from Thierry Germain / Domaine des Roches Neuves, I was not taking much risk, as they are always fruit-driven, balanced, and harmonious (and organic).

As expected, the wine did not disappoint and showed really well. Boasting aromas of ripe dark berries and cherries, plum, with earthy notes complemented by subtle oak and mineral nuances. The palate is lush, ripe, generous, and ample, without being heavy, balanced by the right amount of acidity and a solid grip of present yet integrated tannins, providing backbone and structure to this charming wine combining both intensity and depth.

To be honest, the juiciness, freshness, and complexity of this wine make it suitable to be enjoyed both alone or with food. I tasted it with a "cooked sous-vide" 48 hours US Prime Short Ribs, and it was to die for. Loved it.

After the tasting, I brought the rest of the bottle home to finish it with my dinner. I had a glass with some roasted chicken I prepared, delicious! And left some to be tasted the next day, as I felt it could use more opening. And, I was right, the next day, coming back home after work, I poured myself the last glass, and it was even better. Man, what a wine! Highly recommended. Moreover, it is a steal at this price!

Thank you, Thierry Germain!

Santé! Cheers!


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