Wednesday, December 21, 2022

LeDomduVin: MERRY CHRISTMAS and best wishes for the holiday season to you all


and best wishes 

for the holiday season to you all

I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and best wishes for the holiday season to you all, your families, and your loved ones too. 

Keep your imagination and your creativity going and keep looking at things with the same innocence and insouciance as if you were looking through the eyes of the kid you used to be. 

I'm about to turn 50 years old, and yet I still continue imagining, creating, drawing cartoons, and making cartoony collages, images, and visuals, like this one, as if I was still 8 years old. 

Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me, both literally and figuratively 😉😇😈 , and for believing in me and standing by my side all these years. I don't deserve you, but I'm very grateful for it. So, thank you, and big hugs from me. 

I raise my glass to you all and more especially to the end of 2022. 

It has been a difficult and complicated year for me, (physically, morally, psychologically, and emotionally), and, in fact, for too many of us, for various reasons and factors (family matters, COVID, Ukraine War, and all the other wars around the world, climate changes, political unrest, corruption, disillusionment, false hope, etc, etc...). 

Millions of people around the world and I cannot wait for this year to be over, and can only hope for a better year next year (even if I said that last year and the previous years too). 

Please be safe and take good care of your loved ones, and enjoy the holiday season. 

Cheers! Santé! 

LeDomduVin (aka Dom aka Dominique Noel)

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